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Current cost for 22 days

Given all the "variables"... what would be the ballpark cost that we could expect for 22 days? We plan to travel light, conservative hotels or hostels, use rail or bus. We want to enjoy our time, take it slow. Most of our trip is with a son in the Netherlands, but 22 days would be in Germany,Austria, Switz....maybe Italy.

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Very diff to say bcuz you do not say what those terms mean to YOU . Most likely, you will spend from $130-200 per day,most of which will be your lodging. You can easily spend that much on lodging alone, tho budget accoms are many. This would mean from about 2.9k to 4.5k,exclusive of transport to and from Europe. During our trips, in 2004,-05 and -06, we averaged $170 daily. We seldom ate out,often had apartments,did few tours and bought minimal souvenirs.That said, we had GREAT times. Buona Fortuna e Buon Viaggi,Bonne Chance etBonne Vacances und Gute Reise!!!!

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I travel alone and probably spend $125 to $150 a day when that includes transportation (not flight to Europe), eating, sleeping, sight-seeing/museums. I usually spend no more than 60 Eu for a room, but spend less if I can find something suitable. I save on food by picnicking, snacking, eating at low-cost lunch places. If there is something I want to do or see, I don't deny myself. Some items that are optional for me are phoning, internet, newspapers, extra coffees, laundromats. I spend money on these things, but could go without. In 30-45 days I change locations within two or three countries half a dozen times. I do very little "shopping" and don't buy gifts to bring back. I travel with a carry-on bag and keep the weight at 18# or less, as that is all I am comfortable carrying.

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My boyfriend and I have a 21 day trip coming up. We're going to Greece, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Germany. We're planning on about 100 euros per day per person. That includes accomodation, food, sightseeing. It doesn't include our plane tickets or our rail pass.