Crocs in Europe

Do Europeans wear Crocs? I can't believe I finally bought a pair, but they're wonderful! I wore them for a week of walking at Disney World & they would be great for my week in Germany coming up... but I do NOT want to look like a tacky American! ;) Would my Crocs really stand out in Germany? Or do Germans have them too? (Mine aren't a bright color.)

Posted by Sandra
Seattle, WA, USA
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Don't worry about what you look like! As long as you represent yourself (and us other Americans) in a respectful way nobody will care about what is on your feet. Besides, when the dogs are barking who cares what you're wearing, right?
Good luck and good travels!

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I agree with Sandra. Don't worry--you're going to explore Europe, not to a fashion show. I wore Crocs in Italy last year and nobody cared (I guess). My feet enjoyed them, though.

Posted by Kimberly
Durham, NC
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I also say "Go for it!" I wore my Crocs last spring in London, York and Edinburgh, and I was so glad I had them. I started my trip off in York, wearing my pair of Clarks boots and within 3 hours, I made a b-line for the B&B so I could change into my Crocs (which I wore for the rest of the trip). Mine are black and don't have the holes in them. My feet/legs never tired and I really enjoyed my trip more as a result.

Posted by Kate
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Crocs are definately over here - my Dutch and Swedish friends have them and wear them frequently in the summer.

Posted by Margaret
Charlotte, NC, USA
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I live in Germany and I saw an ad for Crocs just yesterday. I'm sure they would be fine in Germany, Netherlands, maybe Spain? but I think they would appear odd in Italy. The Italians I know are super stylish. They shudder at Birkenstocks. However, the shoes are comfy and that is VERY important when traveling.

Posted by Jill
Boulder, USA
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I wear crocs almost exclusively, however I didn't wear them on my 5 week trip last summer and regretted it almost constantly!

I noticed people in almost all countries we visited wearing crocs, except in italy. I think you could get by wearing a pair of maryjane crocs there though!

I say go with comfort and wear the crocs!

Posted by Debbie
Cayuga, Ontario, Canada
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I just returned from RS Paris City tour and saw Crocs for sale in the stores there for children and adults. I didn't see a lot of people wearing them though, but you should plan to wear shoes for comfort. We walked a lot and I was glad to have my comfortable shoes and boots. Don't worry what people think about what you're wearing - comfort comes first.

Posted by Tom
Suffolk, UK; formerly St. Louis, MO, USA
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I can remember seeing ads for Crocs last year during a World Cup trip to Germany, so I think you will be fine. Regardless, my experience has been as long as you present yourself respectfully, no one cares. Youre going to be out and about having a wonderful time -- and probably doing a lot of walking. Your feet are going to get you where you need to go, so its good to take care of them. :)

Posted by Margaret
Clarkston, USA
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So, with the Crocs, do you go barefoot in them or wear socks?? Do they tend to slid any on the heel?

Posted by Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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I go barefoot and they don't slide off. Mine have a strap that goes around the heel, but I rarely use it. I have a thing about wearing socks with Crocs . . .

Posted by Liz
Denver, CO, USA
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I have the black "maryjane" style, which is more streamlined and come in single number (I.e., 8 instead of 8-10) sizes. Just as comfortable!

Posted by kimberley
winchester, hampshire, england
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Im from England and i have a couple of pairs, they are quite a big craze over here!
Im sure they will be wearing them in Germany and if not just wear your crocs proudly maybe atart a trend!! haha!
I love my crocs, have you seen the little jibbitz? cute or what
have a look on this site it has the full range available over here and the knee pads and stuff too!