Croatia- Fly out?

I am spending a week in Croatia- Rovinj, Zadar and not sure what else, perhaps go south a bit. I plan to take a ferry out of Venice to get to Croatia. Has anyone flown OUT of Croatia and which airport is easiest, cheapest, etc. After Croatia I'm touring around Czech Repub., making my way to Munich for return to U.S. Open to ideas on where to fly from Croatia (on a budget of course). Perhaps Vienna, Budapest, Prague. Help!

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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There are international flights to/from several airports in Croatia. We flew out of Dubrovnik, but there are also airports with commercial air service in Split, Zagreb, (I believe) Piran, and probably a couple more. Dubrovnik was certainly easy enough for us (and the flight was free, on miles, so the price was pretty good) Easiest? I doubt any of them is noticeably any more or less easy than any other, and I can't imagine that any making enough difference to choose one over another. Cheapest? All things being equal, larger airports with more flights (Dubrovnik, Split, maybe Zagreb?) probably would tend to have less expensive flights, due to competition, but that's really secondary. It doesn't make any sense to choose an airport in some distant city that you have little interest in visiting just to save a few bucks. Pick the airport that makes the most sense based on where you want to go.

Posted by Julie
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Have you travelled from Croatia to Czech? Suggestion for an itinerary?
Looking for scenic, some hiking, biking, natural wonders, caves, history, Hot springs? Wine?

Posted by Agnes
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It seems like you may go as far south as Split, but not quite Dubrovnik - so I'm guessing you can fly out of Split or Zadar. I didn't find any part of Croatia or the Split Airport stressful at all - it was a small airport and easy and cheap to get to by bus (I foolishly used a car service to get to my hotel and it was much more expensive than a nice clean bus). You'll actually have to price flights out to see which airport is cheapest or has least stopovers.

Posted by Emily
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So you want to get from Zadar to Prague? There is an airport in Zadar, but flights out of there tend to be a bit pricey as it is a small airport. Croatia doesn't have an extensive rail network, especially along the coast. The busses, however, are good, cheap and readily available. Look into taking a bus from Istria/Zadar, to a larger city, such as Zagreb or Ljubljana. From there you can get more regular rail service which will lead you to Prague. Have you considered a stop to Plitvice Lakes or travelling in Slovenia? I would take Slovenia over Munich any day.

Posted by Sarah
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Zadar is not neccessarily expensive to fly out of, as it's serviced by RyanAir. I flew out of there to Baden-Baden, Germany, and it was fine. THe smallness of the airport made it quite easy and relaxed, actually. Split also has an airport with some budget airlines like Germanwings.