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CPAP use on trains

I am planning a trip to Europe and would like to travel in overnight sleepers. I read a lot about CPAP use in hotels without any problems. But, does anyone have experience using a CPAP on a train? Are there outlets on trains? Would I need to have a battery pack? It seems to me they are very bulky and heavy.

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I know some if not all of the high-speed trains have electrical outlets in 1st class.

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CPAP is a medical device for people who has sleep apnea.

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I purchased an external thin laptop battery (N-charge brand) and used the 12 volt output connector to power my Puritan Bennet Goodnight 420G CPAP while I slept in a first class train cabin. The battery gave me one and a half nights of power before I had to recharge it. So I recharged it between train trips at the hotels. There were no power outlets I could use on the train cabin. Email me privately for details. People who don't have sleep apnea will find the discussion extremely boring. I think I took a digital picture of the set up to write an article about some day.

You will definitely need the european adapters and possibly an extension cord to use the CPAP in hotels.

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This doesn't happen too often but the Hotel Beaugency in Paris didn't have one outlet to for me to use! I couldn't even unplug a lamp because the cord was permanently in the wall. The last time we stayed there was 2001 so that might have changed. I've never had that problem at any other hotel in Europe, Africa or Asia.