CPAP helps please

I need a CPAP medical machine to sleep. I use the humidifier portion of that machine. Where do I get "Distilled water". I have heard that there is something like that available in an auto parts store, but I don't think that would be healthy for lungs. What is it called in England, and where do I get it? I will also be in same questions for there as well.
Thank you.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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This question has been asked previously and I think the answer is pharmacies (chemists in the UK).

Posted by Bets
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We got some at the German pharmacy. Otherwise, for traveling, I'd use a bottled still water with a low calcium content.

Posted by Nancy
Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
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Thank you for your responses. After I posted this, I read thru all the other sites on the "WALL". What a terrific site and helps. Thank you again.

Posted by Dennis
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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Still water when I was in London works..but using it for 2 weeks creates a residue on the reservoir, just clean them nightly. I'm planning to bring a small bottle of distilled water in my check-in suitcase when I go back this Sept.

Posted by celeste
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We bought distilled water in 1 liter bottles in several locations in Europe. Easy to find in pharmacies. They use it in their irons, we were told. How brilliant! Keeps the iron from getting gunked up, just like the CPAP. I can't imagine why I never thought of that myself.
Also, in case you were wondering or hadn't even thought to wonder yet, the unit hubby has was dual voltage, so we only needed a plug adapter, not a converter.

Posted by Baz
Brisbane, Australia
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Hello Nancy, I've had three CPAPs and have never had an issue using plain old tap water in any of them - where I live the water is particularly hard and a calcium type deposit builds up very quickly on the base of the unit.
Once every couple of weeks I make a strong solution of vinegar and water and pour that in the base, let it sit for half a day and hey presto the deposit is gone, rinse well and wipe the base before using that night. Beats searching for & carrying distilled water.