CPAP - converter

Has anyone traveled to Europe with a CPAP machine? We are going to London and Paris and need to plug in our CPAP machine. Do we need a converter to use this? Thanks for your help!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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Most CPAP machines are dual voltage, but you need to make sure. Look at the "brick" (transformer) on the machine's power cord (you may need a magnifying glass). If it says "100-240 volts" and "50-60 Hz" you are all set. All you need is a plug adapter. They're sold by Rick here: The large 3 pronged one is for UK and Ireland; the small two pronged one is for Continental Europe. If you CPAP is 3 pronged, you should get the specific 3 prong adapter(s) for the countries you will be visiting. If your CPAP does not go above 120 volts, and/or only accepts 60 cycles, you will need a converter. Be SURE to get the right kind, as there are different ones, and you don't want to fry your machine or start a fire. Or, see if you can get a new power supply that is dual voltage.