Cotton Confusion

Okay, I'm confused and I've had it! lol I keep reading how GREAT broomstick skirts and capris are for travel, yet I also read to avoid taking any cotton clothing. Personally, I despise looking wrinkled at any time (neatness counts). So, I go to look for broomstick skirts and capris and can only find COTTON! AAAARRRRRGH! Besides the neatness factor, don't these things take forever to dry? Please help. Thanks!

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Cotton-lycra pants work well for me. I have some side-zip slim pants from Eddie Bauer (available as capris or ankle-length) with 4% Lycra that are very comfortable, pack small, do not wrinkle, and dry overnight. After washing, I press them in a towel to remove as much water as possible, then give them a shake and hang up to dry. They are dry and wrinkle-free in the morning. The same treatment works for my "Tribal" brand stretch jeans, (Sierra Trading Post has some of these now). You could also try REI for capris in travel-friendly fabrics like nylon, polyester blends, etc.

Posted by Debra
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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I found some nice capris at I think they were around $20 and they're black with dark pink trim, look very cute, but they are made out of that soft nylon material that dries superfast and doesn't wrinkle. After the advice on this and other travel boards, I too am going to try to avoid bringing any cotton pants/capris. Good luck!

Posted by BG
SF Bay Area, USA
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I don't think a broomstick skirt would take long to dry, and you can wring them up tightly, and it will be OK becuse they are supposed to be wrinkled (or pleated). I have had these skirts but personally have never brought one on a trip, as I usually go in late Fall. But for summer my guess is they would be great. I also agree with previous posters that any cotton slacks should have lycra or another blend in it to help avoid wrinkles. You should be able to shake them out and dry on a shower rod or wherever and have them dry without too many wrinkles.

Posted by Cary
Hayden, ID
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WinterSilks catalog has a silk broomstick skirt---don't have one, though.

Posted by JS
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Cotton broomskirts and pants are very wrinkly and I bet most travelers do not wash them on their trips anyway. Consider the travel wrap around skirts. It is difficult to find them in general but Ricks website sells them and they are reversible. Right now they are on sale for $19 but only limited sizes.
seersucker another great travel fabric is great but hard to find.