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Clothing getting more casual these days?

On my first trip to Italy in 1998, I wouldn't have considered taking a pair of jeans. But each subsequent trip (one in 2000, again in 2004) I have noticed Italians getting more casual and jeans becoming more accepted. I head out Monday for my fourth visit to Italy, and, for the first time, I am considering taking a decent pair of jeans (no sneakers though!!). What is your experience?

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In all but the nicest places, jeans are common. And so are sneakers. Wear what is comfortable - jeans may get too hot - and you need to walk in those shoes.

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What is being worn by Italians is related to a lot of things but one of those things seems to be the age of the wearer, just from what I've seen, I'm not claiming to be an expert on this. And it seems that there are more black/fashion/decent jeans than the blue denim look that is common here.

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this topic has been covered a hundred times lately. I just got back from Italy. The Italians are very chic and well put together. You are an American tourist so you can't get away from that, but dressing neatly, wear a scarf, I rarely saw Italians wearing headwear even though it was freezing and you will be fine. Jeans are everywhere, it seems it is more what is on the rest of your body that matters. Sweaters, scarves and a dressier coat or jacket will be fine. It was cold in late October, windy in Tuscany and Rome.

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Thanks for all the advice. I will indeed bring a pair of jeans and take care to have some decent-looking clothing along with it to "dress them up."

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Take jeans I regret not taking a pair. I do wear very light weight exofficio travel pants that only weigh 3 oz and are comfortable. You can get them at

or if you have a Dillards ect... I took sneakers and so did everyone else. Take what is comfortable. Don't take heels its a waste of space. Sketchers has some really cute sneakers that go with everything. The younger Italians are more casual men and women wearing jeans. Take a pair of dark colored jeans you won't regret it.

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I notice that jeans are more acceptable and popular in Europe than they used to be.

The worst thing about jeans for travel is the wash and dry turn around. They're too heavy to dry overnight by hanging and cost an arm and a leg to dry at a laundrymat.

I would take jeans and think about where and when you can clean them during the trip (visiting friends or family is a good option).