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Cities to fly into?

What cities are the cheapest to fly into from the US?

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Also, factor in where you want to go and how much it will take to get there from where you fly in. Flying into London is not necessarily a bargain if you want to go to Paris and have to spend the time and expense to get there. Each hour of your trip is worth money, so spend a reasonable amount of money to get where you want to be - for example, spending 10E on a taxi is a better bargain for your vacation dollar than spending an hour on a bus, even if the bus is only 1.5E.

Once you have your itinerary of must-see sights mapped out, you can then reasonably determine where to fly in and out of. The RS "Travel Skills" CD has a fantastic segment about how to plan an itinerary for your trip. It's worth watching. You can probably get it from your local library if you don't want to buy it.


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Also remember that you have to get from London to your destination, and that means UK carry-on limits and only 20kg of checked luggage (and some discount airlines have lower weight limits and/or charge for every checked bag).

So make sure to do research on all the additional airline fees - it may be a lot hassle to pay a bit more to fly to your destination, not to the 'cheapest' city.


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london is almost always the cheapest. if you are located in the pacific northwest. nw airlines has pretty cheap flights to amsterdam. paris can be cheap, but only during the off season.

check london first.

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Shannon may also be one the cheaper flight destinations. But unless Shannon is your final destination, the transit costs away from Shannon probably would overide any savings from flying into Shannon.