Chromebook and Surface

My Netbook is about 72 years old (that's in computer years) and really needs to go into permanent hibernation status. I've been looking at the Acer and Samsung ChromeBooks, I think either would suit my needs and the price is just ridiculous. Then the MS Surface appeared on my radar, Didn't like WIndows8 at first, but am now getting accustomed to it so that looks like an option too. The reviews on techie sites from the geeks are very good, but I'm more interested in the opinions of any non-geeks here. SO, if you have or have used either the Chromebook or the Surface(with keyboard of course), what did you think, how satisfied were you with the functionality, usability, quality, did it meet your needs, your expectations??? Would you recommend it? .

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I bought the Surface and used it for a weekend and then returned it. I bought the regular keyboard also. Problem with it, is although it is a 'computer' you really cannot load any useful programs into the smaller ones (only apps) and the one you can is $1000. So I took it back and then ordered an Asus (it weighs about 2.5 pounds and is a regular computer and takes all my imaging programs) I am taking it to Europe tomorrow so hope I am happy, however I hate Windows 8. What a waste of time trying to learn some new program... no choice but I do not like it at all. Asus was $319 from Adorama.

Posted by Elaine
Columbia, SC
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I assume by imaging programs you mean something like Photoshop, which I don't really need on this, but I do want to be able to transfer from a camera or SD card. I'll have to check that out. Good point! thanks.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Elaine... I do mean Photoshop, but you cannot put any programs at all in it. It does come with Word, but that's it, so no options of anything else other than apps. Not quite sure what is available to even edit your images once they get in there as I really don't use apps for that.

Posted by Adam
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I've got a Chromebook that I like a lot. It's, you know, a Chromebook, so it only runs Chrome & related apps (most of which are web pages). If you would be okay with that I think it is a good value. Decent keyboard & screen, easy to set up & use.

Posted by Tom
Also in Chicago
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A distinction needs to be made here between the Surface Pro and Surface RT. The Surface Pro runs full Windows 8 and you can indeed install any Windows program you want, just like on any other Windows computer. The Surface RT runs Windows RT and will not run most Windows programs. You do not want the Surface RT.