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Christmas - Munich to Florence

Firstly, thanks so much for all your advice. We returned from our trip (Germany and Salzburg) on Saturday and had a great time. I have tickets held for a trip departing Dec 21 to Munich and returning Dec 29 from Milan. We want to spend maybe just one night in Munich and then head south - maybe to Verona (5 hour train) or maybe a night in Innsbruck an then on to Florence for a few days and out of Milan. I know many of you are faints one night stands but we are ok with that. So what are your thoughts on this itinerary? We like the train but if there was a possibility of driving a leg of trip we'd like that but it seems we'd need to pick it up in one country and drop in another. The City Night Line schedule isn't out yet and taking a night train is another plan (Munich to Florence) but I'm not sure of the cost for three in a sleeping car - might be too expensive? So - babbling. Give me thoughts and concerns. Thanks!

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