chip and signature , chip and pin demystified ,part 1

I found this explanation which should adequately explain the elusive differences between chip and signature and chip and pin : From the collective reports so far, we have begun seeing a better picture how US issued EMV Chip-and-Signature cards work outside the US: Live merchants Tester(s): kebosabi report, Aaron01 report Pro: No more hassle about wasting 5-10 minutes of your life trying to convey the "you have to take it" "but it's store policy" charade with a cashier who may or may not understand English with a backlog of irritated customers behind you. The less stress, the better. Con(?): Some are surprised it prints out a receipt to sign because they're not used to seeing machines spitting out a receipt to sign. Usually not a problem though. Automated kiosks - no authorization under X amount Tester(s): geohiller report, dyung report 1.You ed an amount that's within X amount where transactions don't need verification 2.The kiosk will read the EMV chip 3.Transaction goes through 4.No more need of trodding in shame to search of a live human to help you Automated kiosks - online authorization Tester(s): islandguy84 report, cvarming report 1.The kiosk will read the EMV chip and will ask you for your PIN 2.You enter your PIN normally used for cash advances at the ATM 3.The machine will connect with the server and verify that the PIN is correct 4.Transaction goes through and is posted as a purchase instead of a cash advance.
5.No more need of trodding in shame to search of a live human to help you contd.

Posted by Irv
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Nice try but my experience with the J P Morgan card was that the card was instantly rejected. When the screen says you card is rejected and the machine spits it back out, it's game over.

Posted by steven
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Irv , just to clarify what I posted ; This is something I ran into on the web . I should have been clear about that , this wasn't my own personal experience . Hopefully no one will be misled by this . I tried to link the page directly or with a copy and paste of the web address , to no avail , so I did a copy and paste of the section I posted . The content seemed reasonably objective as I interpreted it ,so I thought I'd post it . The only thing I can confirm first hand , is that my Andrews card did in fact work as claimed . Sorry if this was confusing , Many Thanks , Steve . P.S. the site I found this on is

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Maybe some chip cards will work and some won't. Sometimes my regular old ATM card won't work at a given machine so I just move on to another. It does seem to me that a chip/signature card should work for auto transactions since every card has (or can have) a PIN. Seems like some cards at least will work that way. If you have a chip card, it is certainly work trying it at the auto machince before standing in line for a teller.

Posted by Laura
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Steven, I think the article in the link below does a good job of explaining the difference: Chip and pin vs Chip and signature

Posted by steven
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Laura , Many Thanks , that was a good article that helped explain this issue very well . Good reading for us all , Steve