Charging Electrical Appliances

Hi, I will be traveling with another person and am trying to avoid tying up all the electrical receptacles in the hotel rooms with my I-Pod, I-Pad Mini, etc. I am thinking about buying a dual voltage power strip like this so I can charge several things at the same time. I am concerned that it has a 3-plug end that would need to go into my 2-plug Rick Steves adapter What do you think? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance for your help!

Posted by James E.
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G-d bless RS he does so much right. But since you are bringing something that is intended to be grounded you should really go to and search for
"Heavy Duty Grounded USA American To European German Schuko Outlet Plug Adapter" which you might want to use with a " 3-WAY SCHUKO SOCKET 1,8M WHITE" also from Amazon.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Donna, Using the dual-voltage Power Strip that you mentioned would probably be a good idea if there will be two of you charging multiple devices at the same time. I believe that particular product only provides three outlets - will that be enough? It is possible to connect the three-pin grounded Plug on the Power Strip using the non-grounded Euro Plug Adaptors. The ground pin will simply rest on the outside and won't be connected. It's not likely any of the products you'll be charging will require a ground, so that won't matter. If any of the products you're charging DO require a ground connection, I always prefer to use an appropriate grounding-type Plug Adaptor. Those are more specific to each country, and you can see the various types on the Magellans website. Happy travels!

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Many on this site (and other travel sites) simply use something like this. This one costs $2.50. If you want a surge protector, that's a different animal...As stated, your only concern is a 3-prong plug into a 2-prong adapter, so just be sure your adaptor plugs aren't too wide to accommodate that 3rd prong 'hanging over'. And yes, I said 'adaptors'; bring 1 or 2 extra, because they get left behind accidentally, fall behind the headboard, or you may need to plug one adaptor into the other to reach a reply-recessed outlet.

Posted by Donna
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James, Ken & Eileen, thanks for your help. Maybe the surge protector is "overkill", I just want to charge several things at one time (and not burn down the hotel!). Eileen, I saw something like you mentioned at Radio Shack but it was $25-$30. It was smaller than the power strip so maybe I'll go with that. Brookstone has a charger that will handle a couple of Apple products but not an I-Pad Mini. I'll keep checking. Thank you!