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charging cell phones in Europe

Can I use the regular converter with correct plugs to charge my cell phone while in Europe?

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You need an adapter. not a converter. The adapter will have the correct plugs to fit into the sockets in Europe. you will not need to convert the electrical current.

Make sure you have a kit of "plugs" if you are traveling in different countries. The UK is different than Italy, etc.

Is this clear now for you?

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It is true that most cords only need an adaptor, but some of the replacement non-brand name cords are not compatible. Just check the details on the plug - as long as it says 100-240V (or close numbers) it will work with only a plug adaptor.

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instead of starting a new topic, I'll ask my question here. I have a friend from Romania who has given me 2 phones from Europe with European plugs. To make sure at least one of them works and all, I wanted to charge them here. So I plugged them in using my adapter to the US plug system, and with both of them nothing happens. It doesn't charge, etc. It's possible one of the phones is just old and has died, but the other one is not as old and she said it worked recently, so I don't think it's the phones that have both died.... does anyone know? is it a problem with my adapter (which is from a brand new Eagle Creek set), or could it be something funky with the electric outlets in my apartment? Both of the chargers say 100-240 input, so it's not that....

I'm completely perplexed... any ideas? Thanks!

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I agree that you need an adapter and the appropriate plugs. Walmart had a nice assortment for a good price. However, I can't help but wonder whether or not you have purchased a special plan to allow you to use your cell phone in Europe. Or a special phone. Verizon told me my phone won't work over there. My planning for our trip in May began over 7 months ago, so I have forgotten much of the detail on my cell phone research. I think I bagged the whole cell phone thing, because of expense and inconvenience and am planning to purchase a phone card after I arrive. Just wanted to share some thoughts and also inquire if perhaps you have a cell phone solution I have not heard about.

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Your sim card usually will NOT working in Europe.

You can go to your cell provider and some will
sell you a sim card to work there or you can rent sim cards there (saw it advertised alot but didn't try)

My husbands phone is also a PDA so to keep that charged all he needed was the adapter as stated above.