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Cell Recharging

A lot of info on taking and using your own GSM cell phone in Europe; nothing about keeping it going. Will the standard charger work when connected through voltage converter and country-appropriate plug adapters? Any concern about frying a phone?

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You shouldn't need a converter - check your charger plug, it should say something like "Input: 100-240v" (like every phone I have owned in recent memory has said). As long as you see that range, you just need the plug adapter. No concern about frying :) A friend from Europe gave me an older (2-3+ years old) phone she purchased there, it has a European 2-prong charger and I just put the US plug adapter on and am charging it here in the US sitting right next to me as I type with no problems. have fun!

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Used my charger for my Raz'r phone in Switzerland, Austria, England and Italy with no issues. No worries about charging your phone with the correct plug adapter, no need for a voltage converter.

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If your phone is more than a year old definitely double check both your phone and your charger. We fried my husband's charger in Italy last year, because while the phone was dual voltage the charger was not. Lesson learned! On a side note we easily purchased a european charger for his phone at a train station electronics store :)