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Cell phones abroad

We just returned home from Russia and tried to use a phone card with pay phones -- and found it frustrating. We are thinking about getting a cell phone and have seen two that seem intersting. One that Rick has mentioned before (or at least his name is listed on their web page) is Mobal and the other is Telestial. The Mobal rates are much more expensive, but sometimes you get what you have paid for.

Have any of you had experience with these two phones?

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I love my Mobal phone! It's been used in Ireland, England, Finland, and Spain with absolute clarity everywhere. I only use it for shorter calls because the rates are a bit higher, but the convenience of not having to buy minutes, pay monthly fees, or switch SIM cards for different countries is worth that to me.

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I went with Telestial - I bought the $19 SIM card (Passport Lite) and it came with $20 of airtime and a 1-800 number for friends/family to use with the first 45 min. free. I found an unlocked tri-band phone on e-bay for about $35. Works great.