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Has anyone used Mobal.com or Cellomobile.com for calls within Europe or from Europe to USA?

Posted by Ed
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I still have a Mobal that works great. My wife's toting it in the far beyonds of the Southern Cone right now as the back-up. Mobal's prices have gone up, so an ATT international voice plan is cheaper by about fifty cents a minute.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I keep a Mobal SIM card (or their cheaper version, Eurobuzz) in my dual-SIM phone. Local SIMs are cheaper to use, so I only keep it as an emergency contact number, since it is permanent. Mobal works really well, though, and the call quality is great. I have used it in Costa Rica, Finland, and numerous other places in Europe without a problem.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Les, I haven't used Mobal or Cellomobile but have used one of the other "travel phone" firms, and that's worked well for both in-country calls as well as calls back home. I tend to use texting most of the time, which is cheaper than voice calls. I've also used international roaming with my home cell network on occasion, but have found that it costs more than the travel plan I'm using. Mobal tends to be a bit on the "high end" of the "travel phone" pricing. You could also have a look at Roam Simple, Cellular Abroad, Call In Europe, Telestial, Tru-Phone or others (those are the ones that come to mind at the moment). Cheers!

Posted by Moni
St. Louis, MO, USA
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I used both, and both work great, but have found that Mobal is a bit expensive in some countries.