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CDG. Is this connection too tight?

Delta just changed my flights from the US to Morocco. I will change planes in Paris and the connection time is one hour and forty-five minutes. Delta makes special note on this schedule change that the connection time is less than 2 hours. Should I be concerned about missing the connection at CDG?

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I would ask/tell them to arrange a better connection -- look online to figure out what works best for you, and suggest that one.

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Is there another flight on to Morocco a few hours later that you'd get put on, if there's room?

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I agree with calling Delta but FIRST - look at your options so if the service rep suggests something you don't particularly like you can offer another suggestion.

I would want a 3 hour transit time for any international flight. Again, if the service rep says something like "Oh 2 hours is fine" you should say ... "Have you traveled thru this airport and done a transit in this short of a connection time?"

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Although I"m not sure you will get satisfaction, it's probably worth a call. Yes, agree with having the options you would like researched before calling Delta is a good idea. I also believe you should ask politely, not tell, the agent that you are not comfortable with the shorter connection. However, be prepared to be turned down, at least at first (if not, you'll just be pleasantly surprised!) Since this is a non-Schengen to non-Schengen connection, you are well within the minimum connection time (no immigration, but I do believe a security check in CDG.) Because the connection is "legal", the first person you talk to on the phone might say just that--it's legal, I'm not going to change it. If so, politely thank him/her, hang up and call back. If the second agent also refuses, ask to speak to a supervisor. This might work, it might not. If not, I would know before day of flight what my other options are for getting to Morocco in case I miss my flight.

Having said all that, assuming your inbound flight is on time, this connection should not be a problem. I believe you'll be staying in terminal 2F (yes, there are different halls, but no inter-terminal transfer), which also helps.

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I've done this route. We lucked out and landed at CDG when it wasn't very busy, but I had issues with the last leg of the flight (Air France booked through Delta) which required extra time. We could have done it in two hours, yes, but only that one time. I've done four hour connections at CDG (different routes) which barely allowed me time to reach the departure gate before they closed the doors. Security protocols seem to vary a lot at CDG, plus it depends on what time your flight arrives from the States.

Having said this, I'd look and see if there are any alternate flights to Morocco from Paris which give you a better connection time. Have this information available before you call Delta. They can help you, but you may want to see what's there for yourself before you call. If not, at least you'll have an idea when you may be next able to snag a seat...

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We have gone through CDG a few times in the past 10 years and never had a problem with a connection, but we had at least a 2 hour connection time.

Great advice so far. Call Delta and try to get a later flight. Also, try to determine what terminal your flight arrived at and what terminal your departure flight leaves from. We fly Delta/Air France a lot and the connections have been rather simple since we in the same terminal or a nearby one.

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You guys are the best! Thanks for the advice and suggestions. After reading your posts, I have come to the conclusion that a 1:40 connection at CDG is just asking for trouble. I will call reservations (and will be extra-special-nice when inquiring) about the possibility of switching to an earlier flight. (BTW, I checked, and there are two earlier flights out of Atlanta, so I can even request a specific flight by number. Another great suggestion!)