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Cash or travellers cheques??

Hello! Going to Europe for 2 weeks. I will be taking my credit card for most expenses, but wanna take some cash. In terms of money, what should i bring... Cash (dollars to exchange there), travellers cheques, euros?? And how much?

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NO one uses travellors checks anymore,, most small restaurants and stores will absolutely not take them.
Take your Cc and your ATM card, make sure your cash in a "chequeing account" and that your bank gives you a four digit numerical PIN.
Take about 100 euros just to start you off, nice to have a bit of cash on hand when you arrive so you won't have to line up for ATM at airport.

How much cash you need in a day is entirely personal,, and it also depends on where exactly you are going, and if accomadations are included in this budget?

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Kaline, you should run a search for this topic as it has been discussed ad infinitum! The gist of what people (me too) say is don't take cash but get it from ATMs in Europe. Traveler's checks are so 80s as they cost lots more than ATMs and aren't nearly as handy. Cash isn't usually received well either and the exchange rate is a rip off. I actually found so many ATMs with don't even charge a fee on their end and the cost is bank rate + 1% unless your bank charges more but even at 3% you'd be ahead.

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Kaline, forget the Traveler's Cheques! As someone else mentioned, this has been discussed a lot lately and the overall opinion seems to be that these aren't worth the trouble.

ATM's are all over, so that's usually the best method. It's a good idea to bring more than one card, in case you experience "difficulties" with one. Also, funds must be in a chequing account, with a four number PIN.

As Rick says, "I've cashed my last Traveler's Cheque!"

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Since Ken qoted RS, here's an article by RS on the subject:

I keep a few hundred US dollars in my money belt for emergencies and simply stop at the first airport ATM I see to get local currency. If need be, I would spend a few of my dollars to get some ready cash at an airport exchange bureau. Even though the rate will be lousy, buying currency in a country where it is used is cheaper than buying it at home.

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Kaline, we used an ATM at the Louvre in Paris without any problems and this was in 2000. We have found the ATMs over there to be multilingual. In 2003 we stopped at an ATM in the Frankfurt airport to get cash after we landed. We also had Travelers Cheques in Euros and found that noone wanted to take them and when they finally did, the charge was rediculous. My recommendation, credit cards, ATM cards, and maybe 2-300 in Euros if you don'tlike to travel empty. Good luck and don't worry. It's all good.