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Cash Euros Before Leaving

We are having our wedding in Italy on October 1. Most of the vendors are requiring payment in cash. We will only be in Europe for a couple days before the wedding and because of the minimum daily withdraw restrictions, we won't be able to get enough with our ATM card.

I've looked into buying Euros though but the exchange rate is bad. Any other suggestions?

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call your bank and ask them to raise the limit. Most will accomodate you.

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If nothing else, take cash and exchange dollars for euros when you arrive in Italy. The rate isn't likely to be enough less favorable to make a difference. I wouldn't buy before you go.

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Check with your bank about a bank draft for whatever funds you may need, negotiable with a bank in Italy. The bigger the bank you deal with in Talahassee, the better chance they'll have a relationship with an Italian bank where their draft will be easily negotiable. Go for one that has good international connections, like Bank of America. B of A will also sell you Euros at a reasonable exchange rate.

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Before our trip, I checked on our withdrawal limits for each of our ATM cards and increased them--$700 is only about 500 euros. My husband and I each have an ATM card for each bank, therefore, each of us can withdraw funds from the same bank on the same day. We have 3 banks just in case a card doesn't work or we need more cash. Wow--a wedding in Europe. Have fun!

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my BofA had the best exchange rate - short of using big bank ATMs in Europe. I like to have a couple 100 of local currency when i land - then go to the ATM the next day in the big city bank. keep $100 USA bill in your money belt too as back up! (I needed it for a taxi at home after a long delay for my flight!) cabie said cash was cheaper than CCard since it took him 3 months to collect! but do call your bank ahead and let them know youre traveling and raise the limit a bit.