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Has anyone rented from Europe By Car recently? They have quoted me a much better rate than AutoEurope but they will not put it in writing until I commit to the reservation (pay with a $20.00 cancellation fee). I sense they are wise to the AutoEurope beat rate and don't want to put a quote in writing because AutoEurope will beat it. Without anything in writing, I can't get a beat rate. The Europe By Car website for Italy rentals only quotes zero deductible rentals and I want a deductible soo I cam't use the website for AutoEurope to compare... I have had lots of positive experience with AutoEurope but hate to pay them hundreds more. Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. Velda

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I would never pay for something without being given the price... there is a reason they do not want to tell you. I also never prepay for my rental cars in Europe (and I rent all the time) I make a reservation with the best pricing that I can find when I know my dates, then I will continue to check and almost always find a better price. I will them book the new res and cancel the old one. If you prepay you can't change anything if something happens and you need to change it. I usually find the best rates at any one of the major car rental places and have used Avid, Budget, Hertz or Sixt... really whoever has the best price.

Posted by Bets
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Europe-by-Car was just as well known and trusted as Autoeurope before everyone started doing their own reservations on line. They've been around a long time.

Posted by Denise
Lake Forest, CA, USA
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Have you called AutoEurope and explained your situation? I'm sure you have. Just a thought.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Gosh, I think that Autoeurope always charges me when I book, but I have canceled (or canceled and re-booked at a lower rate) lots of times, and never had any problem, and I have never paid acancelation fee. I like the security of being able to review my contract. If I don't like it, or anything else, I can cancel at any time, and gt my money back. Velda, I would really want to review a contract before I lost any money.

Posted by velda
hammond, indiana, usa
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Thanks for the thoughts. I have given up on Europe By Car. If they can't put in writing what they are willing to offer over the phone, I can't feel comfortable doing business with them - especially since they have a cancellation fee.
As far as AutoEurope, I have since gotten a written quote from Avis (thru Costco). AutoEurope is looking it over but they seem hesitant to beat it. The quote, with a free additional driver thrown in (by way of seperate email from Avis Customer Service and shared with AutoEurope) is $230.00 less than AutoEurope. I guess I will find out how serious they actually are about their beat rate. In regard to paying in advance for a reservation with AutoEurope, I have never had a problem with that. I have booked thru them for most of our European trips over the last 15 years or so. I've even had to cancel a time or two and it has not been a problem. That said, I am disappointed with their response on the beat rate this time around. My Avis quote is everything they have asked for and I sense they are looking for a reason not to beat it. If they can't/won't, I'll try Gemut. Again, thanks for all of the help. Velda

Posted by velda
hammond, indiana, usa
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Just had a call from AutoEurope and their Beatrate department. They are giving me roughly the same deal as Avis but for $24.00 more I am getting zero deductible collision and theft with the AutoEurope offer. I decided to go with their offer because not having to deal with the deductible in the event of an accident is probably worth every penny. Thanks for all of your input. Velda