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car rental

Can you rent a car in Croatia (Zagreb) and turn it in in Slovenia? Can you even cross from Croatia to Slovenia with a rental car?

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I do not have personal experience with these two countries, but if the rental agency has an office in the pick-up and drop-off cities, then yes, you could do this. It will most likely be very expensive though. You can definitely cross borders with rental cars, but again, dropping off depends on whether there is a rental office in the second country where you want to drop off the car. Why not check with the rental agency of choice to get the most accurate answer.

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Hi Erica, I believe there are rental companies who will allow a rental in Croatia and drop-off in Slovenia, but you may have to pay an increased fee to do so. I'll defer to others on this board who may have direct experience with that. As for your second question, our experience was that we rented our car in Croatia (and dropped it off there, too), and used it to drive into Slovenia for a few days. The rental car company charged us a fee to drive into Slovenia, and I believe the fee was around 12 euro. We used the consolidator to make the reservation and the actual rental car company was National. However, the policy may be different among the various rental car companies, and your best bet would likely be to start calling them to find out their policies (many of them have US-based phone numbers). Good luck!