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Cannabis and concentrates Paris...Germany...London...Holland

Can you buy and use in Paris,Germany,London, there any WAX or HASH? how hard is it for Americans to get it....what do I need to know to stay medicated while I'm there SUMMER 2014....

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Not legal in Germany or France, and probably not in the UK. As of right now, it's available to non-citizens in the Netherlands, although you can only smoke it in shop. But the Dutch government is trying to restrict sales to only Dutch citizens, so the law could be different by the time you travel in the summer.

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Those things should cover it.

My advice is do without while you are there except for the Netherlands of course. Being straight will be just one more experience of things you do differently than at home which is the most enlightening part of travel. I bet you will be surprised how little you miss it with all the new experiences you are having.


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I agree with the others. Except for using the "coffee shops" in Amsterdam (provided the government doesn't change the laws before then), you won't be able to stay "medicated" while you're travelling in Europe. Trying to obtain cannabis will put you at risk of arrest, and while European prisons aren't as "severe" as those shown in Midnight Express, it still won't be a pleasant holiday experience (and probably very costly)!

Your three choices would seem to be:

  • Forget the cannabis entirely while in Europe, and just focus on the holiday.
  • Stay home and continue being "medicated" and don't travel at all.


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This thread has been heavily edited. Our guidelines are extremely clear in that no one is permitted to recommend or suggest any course of action that involves breaking the law.

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To respondents:Thank you so much.....any statistics on Cannabis users in Paris, London, and also on how many arrest for possession last year....

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If I wanted to know this information I would start with a Google Search. Do you need the board members here to do this for you, and then post the results on line, in spite of the last couple of responses ?

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In case you are thinking of trying sneak stuff onto the plane, you should read this thoroughly -- In particular, you need to pay attention to the part at the very end.

Marijuana (including both medical and non-medical) is not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage.

Here's a quote:

*Screening procedures are governed by federal law and designed to detect threats to aviation security. TSA officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs; however, if an item is found that may violate federal law during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to law enforcement. Whether or not marijuana is considered medical marijuana federal law provides no basis to treat medical marijuana differently than non-medical marijuana.

We have seen sniffer dogs on more than one occasion upon arrival in Europe. We have seen a few people taken away for a more thorough search.

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Why are people responding to this obvious troll??

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Hey, forget Europe. Come to Colorado, which has sensible Cannabis laws. It's legal. Plus we've got great natural wonders, beautiful mountains, etc. After Jan 1 you will be able to legally purchase Marijuana.

And before any of you rightwingnuts out there try to point to Federal laws that ban Marijuana, be sure you can quote verbatim, the part of the US Constitution (not the GOP party platform) that specifically delegates to the Feds the power to regulate substances for personal consumption.

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Cannabis is not illegal in Spain.. buying and selling it is however.. We saw it growing on peoples balconies quite openly in some places.

Suggest you google and learn the laws in various places as they pertain to TOURISTS..

And yes.. it is still legal for tourists to smoke it in a coffee shop in Amsterdam..

I too suggest you find another forum as this sort of conversation on this forum makes some folks very uncomfortable. Not me .. I am from B.C.... its pretty common place here and while still not legal is pretty decriminalized. My ex hubby and I personally called the cops on my teenage son.. they would NOT even come over to house.. said they were too busy dealing with "real " problems and did not care about pot unless he was selling it.. they had too many crack and meth heads to worry about without busting a kid for a joint.. this was about 6-7 or so years ago too.. we were hoping to teach him a lesson.. and unfortunately he learned one.. just not the lesson we had hoped.

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Unless I'm mistaken, I thought it was legal in Germany to possess a certain amount for personal consumption. My German friend told me that a few years ago but maybe the law has changed since then.

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Sarah, that's not correct and never was. What is correct is that there is a codified policy that the prosecutors will not open trial for first time offenders under a certain amount for self-consumption. That is quite distinct from being 'legal' because the police will still investigate (and confiscate) and it's just a single use 'get out of jail' card.
In addition there are certain non-penal consequences (although irrelevant for tourists) for owning illicit drugs in Germany (e.g. with regards to driver's licenses, or if one wants to work with underage persons).