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Can non-EU citizens receive mail while traveling through Europe?

Is it possible for non-EU citizens to receive mail when traveling through Europe? In the event I need to order something online, will it be possible to have either a PO or mail service hold my packages/mail for pickup?

Thanks in advance.


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Amazon has pickup box in some French SNCF train stations. Curious what would you need order that you would not be able buy in a store over there.

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In the U.S., I've occasionally had a package sent to a hotel, I don't know why that wouldn't work in Europe. I would ask in advance, of course.

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Back in the 80s I had a credit card sent to me overnight to a hotel I was headed to. It turned out to be three days and not over night.

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Yes, of course. You can get mail at any address you give them.

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If you have an address, you can get mail. You can also get deliveries. I have ordered from numerous times.

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Amazon has lockers in many locations in Europe...where will you be traveling? I know several people from the US who have used these lockers successfully.

Otherwise I have sent packages to smaller hotels where I am known and have confidence in their care, repeatedly in Paris and London, but not for anything really expensive. I had a replacement credit card sent once to Paris, but it did take about 3 days.

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In the old days, ie, in the '70s and '80s, I had the mail , (no packages), sent to the American Express, depending on the big cities. Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf. London.

Other than that I had mail sent to the hotel or the Pension. That works.

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yes, Amex used to be known for this. Also for having booths for long distance calls. They once helped me find a dentist in Paris. Ah well, those were the days.

If ordering from Amazon, you may need to use the country-specific version of the site to ensure easy delivery inside that country without customs or tariffs or taxes. Or perhaps a site like Amazon Germany, since it's in the EU, can handle shipping to other EU countries.

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Yes, exactly...the phone booths for long distance calls. The Am. Express in Paris near the Opera on Rye Scribe was exactly one such famous site to place such long distance calls.

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hasn't the world moved on???....

I remember (way back when) that too... especially Paris and Venice

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If you have an address, you can get mail. You can also get deliveries.

Two caveats about the above advice:
1)Some places have different mailing and street addresses. So the address of the place where you are staying is not necessarily its mailing address. Check.

2)For some vacation rental places it will not be possible to send mail. Always check in this instance also.

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If you want anything sent to a place you’re staying I suggest you get permission first. It’s unlikely they would say no, but you never know. Last year when I was looking at advance tickets to Oktoberfest I discovered that the tickets get mailed. I asked our Airbnb host if the tickets could be sent to her. She lives near the rental and said it wouldn’t be a problem. Thankfully we decided to just wing it at Oktoberfest because we all know what happened last year.