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Camcorder thats also good for travelling

I am treating myself to a camcorder this year, something I have wanted to buy for years. It is mostly for family stuff and some business documentation. However some of the family and business stuff is in Europe so that means we will be also using it for travelling; and we like travelling somewhat light.

I wondering if you who travell with camcorders have reccomedations as to what works well in your travels.

  1. I am working with a Mac and travel with laptop 2. $300 range, I don't need the best but I also don't like too much compromise or technology that is starting to date. 3. Minimal of fuss (batteries, disks, accesories etc. 4. Small, and durable fit in messenger bag.

Thanks for all your thoughts.

Just to clarify, it is not a question of taking one or not, we already travel with a professional Digital SLR and lenses. This is just for fun and all those family reunion moments that people normally use camcorders on, just instead of hauling it to Yosemite, we are hauling it to Brittany.

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My wife bought a Panasonic digital camera that takes fairly long movies. It's amazing! We toted along our mini video camera and regretted it because almost everything we wanted to film was in short time sequences and it was so much easier to do with her camera than our camcorder.

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When I was facing the same choice, I used the Consumer Reports website to research the options ( They have a chart that compares the features and costs of various cameras, and they give an overall recommendation of which is best for the money. I ended up with a tiny Sony Handycam.

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I find a camcord being too bulky.
I have a Canon digital camera tahat is able to take movie too. It works wonderfully, the movies are taken in .mpg format, which is understood my most movie players, PC or home ones.
I am not sure if a mac would be able to play .mpg's
I purchased a battery charger from Walmart for $25 that work in Europe without a converter, just an adapter.

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My little Sony is barely bigger than my hand -- fits in a coat pocket easily. I've carried it all over China and Ireland with no problem. But do check Consumer Reports to see what their recommendations are now.