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I will be traveling in Italy for 2 weeks. I have read about unlocking phones and getting sim cards. My questions are: How do I get my cell phone unlocked and does anyone recommend the call in europe sim card for just 2 weeks. (I have at&t. I will probably text and answer with texts.

Posted by Ken
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For such a short trip and given that you'll be using texts for the most part, I wouldn't bother with the Call In Europe SIM card or unlocking your Phone. Roaming with AT&T would be the easiest option.

You might call your AT&T rep's, as I believe there's a "world roaming" plan that may reduce your costs. Other posts here have indicated that you can cancel it when you get home. AT&T will be able to provide all the details.

One final point - BE SURE to check your phone to make sure that it has the two Euro frequency bands. Also, check the phone Charger to make sure that it's designed for "world operation" on 220 VAC electrical systems (a Plug Adapter will be required).

Happy travels!

Posted by Chris
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To unlock your AT&T phone, just call them, and they will unlock it for you over the phone. It's pretty easy, and takes about 15 mins. Has to be done with them, as each phone has a unique key to unlock it. If you google your phone model with "AT&T unlock" lots of websites have instructions you can read along as you go.

IF you do use AT&T's plan, which isn't bad, make SURE you know how to turn off your "data roaming". Some AT&T phones (especially ones with more features) will constantly check the web for up dates. If data roaming is on, you could be charged substantially for every check. The more high-tech/complicated the phone, the more likely it will do this.

Some people on here have come back from 2 week trips, with $3k USD bills. =\

We unlocked our AT&T LG phone, and while our first SIM card didn't work properly, the second one worked just fine, and was very useful during our trip.

Posted by JOHN
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I agree with Chris. I would add that you should get yourself an Italian SIM since you are only going to one country. Rates would be cheapest for in-country as well as US calls. Note that incoming calls are free so it is likely a SIM card with initial credit would be enough. You can find a list of carriers here:
We used WIND which has the best deal (no per-call setup fee and 0.17€/minute for in-country and 0.15€ setup and 0.5€/minute for calling the US.
You pay 10€ for the SIM at any WIND store and get 5€ credit. You can recharge the credit (10€ minimum) at any tobacci.

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If your phone works in Europe and you can get it unlocked, bring it. I got my T-Mobile Razr phone unlocked but it was a pain. Even though I had the unlock "codes", the instructions didn't work and most store employees were no help. Make sure you check whether your phone is truly unlocked (try it with another sim card) before you lug it to Europe with you. For one country (in your case Italy) getting a Europe sim card WON'T be your best deal. You will be better off picking up a prepaid sim card at any number of phone kiosks, phone stores or department stores once you are in Italy. The card is cheap in the country you purchase it in, but roaming charges apply when you leave that country. A Europe sim card MAY BE a better deal for people who plan to visit several countries on their trip. If you're uncertain at all whether your phone will work in Italy, leave it at home. You can buy a very cheap cell phone when you get there. We visited Spain this year and found multiple cell phone options for 25 euro that included ten euro credit for calls at 8 euro cents per minute (my Razr died last year).

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The OP went on her trip 3 1/2 years ago. I doubt she cares about this any more.

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I unlocked my AT&T GSM phone, and bought an Italian SIM card. When the SIM card didn't work, the customer service automated attendant was in Italian. I gave up on the cell phone. All our communications were by laptop thru WiFi at hotels. I really enjoyed not talking to anyone back home. (I have a cell phone to call friends if my boat breaks down while out fishing.)