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budget travellers

For anybody going to travel through Europe on a budget a. A tip for you! Travel around by bus instead of trains and plains. All main cities are reasonable close. 15 or 30 day passes available but also one way ore return tickets.

Enjoy Europe


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Thanks Cesar - you may want to add how much extra time it takes, as many Americans have much less vacation time than our Euro-buddies! For 1-2month student trips thats probably a great idea! If you dont mind - perhaps you can share some examples you had for how many hours long distance bus rides vs train/plane took - and also the savings. thanks!

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This is a great suggestion. Trains used to be cheap and easy in Europe, they are no longer the cheapest or easiest option in many cases. We need to consider options.

I have been all over Mexico by bus. It was a recommendation of a Mexican friend when I asked about driving in Mexico.

Although not comfortable for long trips, they were great for our shorter trips. The quality of first class was the same or better than a charter bus in the US, no chickens in your lap and much better than greyhound.

I have also done day tours by bus in Europe, the service is reliable and the cost is very reasonable.

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It takes more time then plains trains and auto mobiles, but it has the same benifits as the train and plains but at least 50% cheaper. Most larger intersting and popular cities are aprox. 5 hours ride with the bus away from each other (with some exeptions offcourse)The best thing of riding with a bus you see alot more of the countries you wil visit and is real relaxing.