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Bringing gift jewelry to europe

I would like to bring 5 or 6 hundred dollars of jewelry to relatives in Italy. Is there taxes to pay?

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Who's going to know what you are taking unless you make it known?? Just don't gift wrap it incase of inspection.

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I wouldn't think so as it is for gifts but I may be wrong. Why don't you check the Italian customs website - I assume there is one - and see if there is any mention of gifts of this type.

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Unless there's a price tag attached to the gift, you can also say its personal items.

I do know that you pay customs if you ship it to a destination, and someone claims it. But if you are giving it as a gift, it can be different, no?

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Italian customs states "no duty" under personal effects a long list including camera's, skis, clothing (new & used,)cell phones & jewelery