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Bringing a purse and cell phone to Europe?

I'm going on a tour through five countries and 10 cities through Europe, and I recently bought a new Coach purse for the trip. Now that I have done some research, it seems that theft crime rates are high in Europe and I was wondering if it would be safe to bring it with me. I usually keep my purse on my arm at all times, and it does have a zipper closure. Also I have an iphone which is almost a necessity for me on long trips, but would I run the risk of having it stolen in Europe? Please help! Thanks

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Just carry a simple, solid purse with a good zipper closure - it doesn't matter the brand. You are as likely or more likely to be pick-pocketed or robbed in the US as in Europe. European women carry the same range of purses, from plain to flashy so it's not going to make you any more a target unless you flaunt your money or other expensive items.

Leave the IPhone home. Since they're not on the market yet outside of the US, it will label you as tourist and it probably won't work here (not sure if the US models are built to work on the European frequencies/networks). Also, things do get lost/damaged, so it's probably not worth the risk. If you need a mobile, buy a cheapie one that will work over here and buy Simcards from the countries/regions you'll be visiting.


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Good Heavens - what have you been reading! There are pickpockets, so don't carry more than you can afford to lose in your purse, but just carry on as you would normally do in Atlanta. I always carry Coach purses & never (in 20 yrs of travel) have thought of it as a target. The only negative is that they're generally heavy, so for the last 10yrs I've used a very small purse that just holds my phone & my wallet. I don't take pictures so don't need anything bigger. If you're worried, buy an inexpensive fabric bag that will hold everything you want.

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Really, there are much better purses in this world than Coach, and those purses are in Europe. This has been a mystery to me for many years - things like Coach, Victoria's Secret, See's candy. Bad quality, so why does this country like them so much?

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See's candy is bad? What are you smoking? People like those things you listed because they tend to be of higher quality than other similar products.

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First of all See's Candy is wonderful, and rivals anything in Europe. 2nd....I'm so sick of Coach bags...over prices, and made in China now! that being said, I do own 4-5 of them, but don't carry them anymore! ebay?

As far as carrying a purse on a European trip...I'd skip it and take a shoulder bag that will cross over your chest for safety. I can't see taking a heavy purse with all the "junk" that goes in it. Travel light, take a smaller bag with just the necessities and you will be much happier.

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In my opinion Sees candy is the best. I have had candy in many countries and find that I prefer Sees over any other!

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I would recommend the Pac Safe day back packs and or fanny packs. They are slashproof, tamperproof and snatchproof.

The StashSafe (fanny pack) comes in two sizes:

A day back pack is handy to carry as it leaves your hands free. I use one to carry a small umbrella, rain poncho, hand wipes, water and a variety of many useful things I may need during the day.
I am 66 and considered short and find that I can carry the day back pack stuffed full all day. My back or shoulders never get tired.

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carry yourself with purpose, don't take out your $600 on a crowded train and you will be fine.

that being said...i don't think i will ever understand the necessity of buying a purse/phone for the amount of money that could feed a small village.

traveling for me is more about leaving all of that stuff behind and finding my balance with the earth.

have fun!

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So pretty much just bring a backpack and cheap phone, and leave the purse and iphone home?