Brands of baby formula/milk available in UK, Benelux, France?

Hi there, We will be traveling through <b>UK, Belgium, Netherlands, and France</b> in a couple of months with our 8 month old. He uses Gerber/Nestle brand formula and has a history of tummy troubles, which have been more under control since his doctor switched him to that particular brand. Therefore, when overseas, we would prefer not to risk a different brand he won't tolerate. I have to imagine it's available there since Nestle is a Swiss company, but I am not having luck verifying this through Gerber (the company it's marketed through in the US) or even directly through Nestle. <p> I am looking at the sites for grocery stores in each country but with the language barrier, having some troubles figuring it out. If anyone happens to know if Nestle brand formula/baby milk is available in these countries, can you please provide any details like the brand it might be under (if not Nestle), the stores to try to seek out, etc.? Worse case scenario is that I will have it shipped to us throughout our travels but I would like to avoid that if possible. <p> Exact cities we will be staying in, in case it's helpful: Bath, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Avignon, Nice. <p> Many thanks in advance, <br>

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Nestlé is a Swiss company. Their products are widely available in Europe. You could consult their website for product information and see if there is a chart or table of equivalent products.

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Since your baby will be eight months old when you travel, why not check with the doctor and switch him to regular milk?
Another alternative is evaporated milk mixed with bottled water. Babies don't usually mind the taste.