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Booking rooms - single vs. double

I am booking my hotel rooms for my trip in September and in Rick's book he differs from a Sb vs. Db. Are the single beds twin beds or are they doubles? It is my husband and I traveling together alone and I don't want to pay for a double if that means 2 beds.

Can someone help me. I appreicate it.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Trisha, single means room with one twin bed, twin means room with two twin beds, double means room with one double bed.

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Robin, that is not completely accurate. We have had doubles that were one small double bed, two twins, a pair of twin beds sheeted together and sometimes two twin beds just pushed together. I do not think that double has a percise meaning other than suitable for two people.

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Basically a single is a room for one person only. Usually the room is small and the bed is a twin. But I have had singles with a double bed. Hotels in Europe do actually keep track of who is staying in the rooms, they usually want you to leave the key at the desk and the desk clerk keeps a sharp eye on who enters the lobby! You cannot sneak a second person into room that is booked as a single.

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A single room is only suitable for one person. They are generally quite small and tucked away in interesting parts of the hotel. A double room could have a double bed or two singles pushed to gether to make "one" bed. They do this so they can use the room as a double or a twin. If you specifically book a double you should get one double bed.

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Trisha, when my wife and I have made reservations, we specify "matrimonial bed"

[Spanish] "cama matrimonial"
{Italian] "letto matrimoniale
[French] "lit matrimonial"
[German] [??]

This removes all confusion..if they only have twin beds, they tell you that.

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This question always brings out interesting answers, so to add to the confusion:
Single and Double on the face of it applies only to the number of people staying in the room, nothing else. Rooms in Europe, at the places I stay, are far from standardized. Just specifying such will get you a variety of rooms and beds, depending on what the owner has. It would be entirely possible, but unlikely, that in requesting a single, you get put in a large room with 4 large beds...because that was the last room available. If you prefer a single "double" bed, the posters advice about requesting a "Matrimonial" bed is good, but could still be two small beds pushed together. While stickier if you have reservations, you can always ask to see the room before agreeing to stay (common practice among Europeans) and if it is not to your liking, ask to see something else or go elsewhere.