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Bohemian Switzerland, Czechia

I’m (23F) am interested in visiting as a solo traveler. Looking to do 2 days from Prague. I’d prefer to do without a guide to save money. Has anybody done this trip before and do you have any advice? Are the trails relatively close to each other. I’m also interested in visiting Prachov rocks afterward? Any idea how transportation works if I leave from Bohemian Switzerland?

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My spouse's birth was in Dresden. His family immigrated to the US in the early 1960's. His mother had all ways spoke highly of time in Bohemian Switzerland, German and Czech access. We trained from Prague to Decin and stayed for 2 nights. A bus route route took us to a hiking trail. We did the planning form Czech tourist sites.

Getting on the bus and the right route was not a problem. Now, paying for the trip did add a twist. We had to know where we were getting off, which was the end of the route. The Czech driver was not the most patient individual, but a young lady helped us out. We are from high altitude so the hike went by quickly. The deciduous trees and evergreens with looks over valleys were pretty. How to we get back to the hotel? The bus route ran infrequent! A young German hiker offered to give us a ride back to town. THANK YOU!

In honor of my mother-in-law the experience was worth it. She still had a sparkle in her eyes when we showed her pics. For others, I would recommend a pass if time is limited.

Due to weather and time limits we did not hike or bike once we passed the German border toward Dresden. You do need a Czech train ticket for the Czech side and a German train train ticket for the German side.

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this website will help with all the trains and buses, there is an English link.I have done a fair bit of walking in the area from Dicin but that was a few years ago and we had the use of a mini bus and driver to help us out. In recent years I have taken the train from Prague to Turvov which is the southern end of Bohemian Switzerland but lots of paths from there.If you google Czech walking paths you should get a lot of info. The paths are pretty well marked though sometime you have to remember to look up at trees and some of the markers can get a bit overgrown especially towards the end of summer.