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Blogging in Europe

We are taking the ETBD 21-European trip soon. Our family wants us to set up a blog so that they can hear all about our trip as we go. First of all, we're not taking a computer, so will we even have an opportunity to make entries along the way? Secondly, we're not really techo-savvy. We don't know where to begin to set one up. Is it easy to do, and where would we find out how to do it?

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Just a suggestion. Whoever mentioned to you to set up a blog have then set it up for you. Then they can instruct you how to how to enter your trip updates.

Internet cafes are usually easy to find. Your tour guide may even know where one is in each town you visit.

We kept our friends update through either our hotmail or yahoo email accounts.

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Hey Barbara, unless you want to set up a myspace account (Mostly teens and their friends) my slightly older generation likes blogspot. It is easy, walks you through and helps you set up a picture storage so you can add them to your blog. You should have no problems finding a cyber cafe. I'll bet the guide will be happy to point them out. I'm sure you will have the time of your life!
Here is the site to start a blogspot blog:


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To echo Linda, i have set up a blogspot account for my trip this summer, it is really easy and I could even make it private so that the whole world wouldn't know exactly where I am every day. It's very easy, it does it all for you, pretty much, and you just type in your blog, press "post" and you're all set. have fun! :)

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This may be the "bah-humbug" answer, but here goes:

I recommend taking a paper journal and jotting down notes, etc. and making entries in the evening or when you are sitting in a nice cafe, etc. and taking lots of digital pictures (take an extra memory card so you don't run out of space).

When you get home, a techno-savvy member of your family can help you download your pictures, organize them and type in your journal entries that go with the pictures.

I can't remember how much per hour RS says your voyage is worth, but I don't think that someone who isn't completely on top of computers/blogging/internet, etc. wants to spend an expensive and fantastic European vacation to be frustrated over a computer.

Think about it...most of us didn't even program our VCRs when it was FREE for a reason.

Enjoy your vacation - your family will just have to wait 21 days for all the fantastic details. It'll be that much more exciting for them after waiting.