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Blisters on the bottom of feet

Hi, my husband has a pair of Merrell sandals that blister the bottom of his feet. Is this strange or normal? Does anyone know what causes this, and what would correct it?



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Blisters are never normal. Anytime you have a blister you have two different surfaces moving at different rates. First thought is that the sandals are too big or the foot is too loose in the sqandal. Second, foot is moving too much but sticking to the sandal. Need to loosen that area. Talcum powder might help to reduce the friction in that area. Third, if leather footbed, then the leather should be well treated with good boot oil. If the leather dries out it can get sticky. Special attention should be given to the areas where the blisters occur.

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If the footbed is plastic rather than leather, and his feet slide on the surface at all, that can cause blisters until his feet toughen up. (As a last resort he could---gasp!---wear socks).

I have Merrill sandals that I love, but the footbed is Nubuck---very soft, and not abrasive.

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Hi, I don't think the foot is sticking to the leather footbed, because it is very slippery when I run my fingers over it. It was once nubuck but the finish has smoothed all off. I think this slipperiness is the sign that the shoe is too big, as the foot is sliding around so much that it has worn the finish off the footbed. Does that sound right?

These weren't cheap sandals. $100 on sale. Good socks may help. Thank you for all your thoughts. They have been helpful.


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Also he can try putting antiperpirant (not deodorant) on the bottom of his feet. That might help.

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I have big problems with blisters too. He can get those gel inserts. I use a pair in my roller blades and they don't feel "high".
Does your husband wear sox with sandals?
If I don't wear socks my feet get really bad.I think it's the friction that causes the blisters, plus the fact the feet swell.