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Blackberry Case That Thwarts Thieves

I plan on taking my Blackberry with me to Europe. It works worldwide and takes the place of my laptop--I can surf the web and send and receive emails for no extra cost. (Phone calls, however, are ridiculous and won't use it for that.) In it's PDA function, I can upload my itinerary and contact info, transfer information from travel books to read on the screen, and condense just about everything I need. (In other words, I won't be using it for work.)

My concern is theft and having someone lift it off my belt. Does anyone know of any cases that would make it more difficult for theives to get it or have another idea on how to carry it so it doesn't get stolen. (Any cases with closed beltloops and zippered covers perhaps?)

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People all over Europe carry cellphones, though you almost never see one being worn on a belt. That seems to be more of an American affectation. Could you just carry it in a buttoned pocket? Or an inside jacket pocket?

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Thanks. What I'm going to do is get a gel cover for the blackberry that is normally used to protect it from damage--otherwise known as "dropping it." It will also make it hard for someone to take it out of my pocket since it won't slide easily against fabric. A leather cover would slide right out.

And finding a zippered pocket to put it in.

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No Continental European man ever wears his Blackberry or cell phone on his belt. That's show-off behaviour and in our movies only people from Texas (no offense) wear their gadgets that way. Sorry for having had to say that. We wear them inside our jackets, pockets - personally when not wearing a suit, e.g. in my spare time, I wear carpenter or cargo khakis and there always is some kind of pocket that I do not sit on and that's not too wide so that nobody else but the person wearing those pants can reach into it.

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I agree with Andreas - while some say its too touristy - a good pair of travel/adventure cargo pants with zippers is great for those kind of things. Or else - just have a zipper sown into one of your comfortable pants to offer some protection.