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Best/Worst Hostels/B&B's in Europe

Hi! I have been to Europe once before but only stayed in nicer B&B's that I won't be able to afford on my own.. :) I'm backpacking there with my best friend for a month, and I'm starting to look into hostels/B&B's to stay in.

What are some of your favorite hostels and/or B&B's you've stayed in? I am looking for ones in Haarlem, Rothenburg, Munich, Venice, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Gimmelwald (though I think I might be staying in the Mountain Hostel there). Also, some place good to stay in Zurich (where we're flying out of). I need it to be around the price range of $50 American (60-80 EUR) per night.


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I think you may be confused on the money conversions.
60-80 Euros would be about $88-$118 at todays conversion rate. If you want to find something for around $50 you need to be looking at rooms for around 33-35 Euros.

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I had it reversed :) I meant to say around 50 EUR per night... and not the other way around. Sorry!

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For Rothenburg, look at
Doubles with shared bath for €38/night, includes breakfast.

We loved Instituto Gould in Florence - (Click on Foresteria)
Doubles from €56 with full bath.

Munich - Try Euro Youth Hotel - just down the street from the station. Doubles from €45/night including breakfast. Dorm beds also available for around €15/night/person.

In Rome we stayed at Lilliput Hostel, which is two blocks west of the station. Adorable hostel, very friendly owners. Largest dorm was 4 beds. €22/night per person.

Also check out for hostels and reviews, and go check out a copy of Let's Go Germany, Italy, etc. for other cheap accomodation.

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A few more suggestions for you:

Rothenburg - I'd also recommend the Zur Goldene Rose.

Munich - I stayed at Hotel Uhland. A bit of a splurge but the room was very nice and the breakfasts were wonderful.

Venice - would you consider a budget Hotel in Venice? You might have a look at Albergo Doni (it's in Rick's books).

Rome - have a look at the Alessandro Palace Hostel. It's easy walking distance to Termini, the rooms are very modern with card access (which also controls the electrics) and a Bar (which can get very lively at night!). There are also some nice restaurants in the area, Internet stations on site and laundry close by (drop off and pick up later).

Cinque Terre - Have a look at Ostello 5 Terre in Manarola (the "official" CT Hostel). They have a lockout in the day, but it's an excellent Hostel.

Gimmelwald - Mountain Hostel is a good choice! You could also look at Esther's Rooms or others in Rick's book.

Good luck and happy travels!

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There are hundreds of entries regarding this topic listed on the graffiti page. Good luck.

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I've stayed in a wide assortment from four star hotels to apartments to pensions to dank hotels and hostels. Two that are good enough to remember:

Burg Stahlek on the Rhine near St. Goar or Bacharach. It a castle hostel and is always worth staying at (reservations seem to be necessary all year). The place is extremely clean, great rooms and bathrooms. It also serves pretty good food.

Institute San Sebastian in Salzburg. It's similar to a hostel but very clean and quiet and has nice rooms and bathrooms. It has a light breakfast.

Neither is a party haven but for good, cheap accomodations they're an excellent choice.

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In Rothenburg, stayed at Pension Poeschel, fine and reasonably priced.

In Munich, stayed at assorted Pensions and Zimmers, don't recall the names.

In Venice, got an apartment through Hotel d'Art. It wasn't fancy but the price was great and met our needs perfectly.

My Rome hotel is my secret and I'll never tell anyone.

Florence lodging is expensive and bad. This was our opinion and everyone else we talked to. If you have an option outside of town with convenient transit in, that's your best bet.

In Vernazza, CT, went to the hotel closest to the ocean, told them what we needed. They found us a great apartment at a reasonable price.

I travel shoulder season and stay within your price range (except for the occasional birthday/anniversary splurge). I'm not sure how it is in summer. If you will share a room and are OK with a bathroom down the hall, let them know that when you book to save $.

Also, 50 euro is about $75 now - not the other way around.

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I've stayed at Hostel Archi Rossi in Florence. I would highly recommend it.

It was within walking distance from the train station, and I think we walked everywhere in Florence. I can't remember the price (this was late 2002), but it wasn't much. But we were in a room with about six other people. They had a restaurant type thing there too.

I'm almost positive we stayed at the Alessandro Hostel, too, but the "downtown" location (there was no bar). This was also in 2002, but we didn't have a good experience. Every day they told us they were going to kick us out because other people were coming to stay, even though we reserved our room for four. There was a lot of confusion, and it made the stay not so fun.