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Best way to pay rent in France

I'll be staying in France nid July to August for my studies. I've contacted a student there who will be subletting me his apartment. What is the best way to pay the rent? I need a proof of payment since my school reimburse me. Can I write a check in euros? I don't want to pay in dollars just in case he loses money in dollars to euro conversion.
Thanks in advance.

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I recently went through a similar foreign money payment experience.My Spanish friends wanted to send me $6,000 to buy their airline tickets. I wanted them to just send me a Spanish check. But 3 of my banks said that they would not accept a check in Euros. One of my credit unions said no, and one said yes,but with the restriction of the check being held for 30-60 days for conversion and international clearance. The Spanish bank they would have written the check from advised them not to do it,(too many complications, although I didn't mind the wait time) so they ended up wiring the money instead. However, I had to get a new account with an international bank (USBANK)since none of my other local banks had international routing numbers. They paid a lot to send the money and it cost me $90 to accept it. Can't you just withdraw money from an ATM and pay in Euros once you get there, then have him write you a receipt? It would be so much easier and cheaper for everyone.

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Thank you. I think asking him for a receipt is the best thing to do.

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Wire transfer the funds from your bank to their bank.