Best type of moneybelts

What are the best types of moneybelts? I have been looking into the Eagle Creek brand and the Pacsafe brand. I have also been looking into the hidden wallet that attaches to your belt and hangs inside of your pants. Any suggestions?

Posted by Jack
St Joe Beach Florida
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I have used the basic model that Rick sells on this website for years. It works fine. Most days I never need to get into it, but when I have t, it is fairly easy.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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I like the waist style and wear with the pouch in small of the back but some wear it in front behind the belt bucket but I don't think that is very smart.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Do not invest in an overpriced one, waste of money, just a plain comfy one is fine. I have two ( just accumulated two over the years) and they are both fine, one is a Rick Steves one , got it from taking a tour, its fine.. and one is some cheapo one I quite like because its soft cloth so isn't scratchy or rough against the skin.
I wear it under my clothes and in the front.. I don't find it uncomfortable , they shouldn't be, as long as you don't over stuff it . Mine only carries my passport, and two or three cards ( CC and ATM) , oh and cash if I have a lot. I know some like the plastic liner, I remove it , they say it keeps your stuff dry if you are sweaty, but my stomach doesn't get that sweaty and I found the when I wore the plastic lining it did get sweaty,, so I have removed it.

Posted by Paul
Morrilton, AR, US
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I like the austin house calf money belt....fits on your leg...under your pant leg...easy to get to anywhere..paul

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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So far I've gone back and forth between an around the waste money belt and neck wallet. Features I like: Multiple zippered pockets. It's nice to be able to keep "money" (large currency, credit card, debit card) in one pocket and "ID" (passport, driver's license, IDP) plus tickets and other paper stuff in the other. When you need to get into it, you only have to access one part of the contents rather than risk other things accidentally falling out. Plastic lined (or put stuff in zip lock baggies). Hiking on a hot day is going to involve sweat. It's nicer when your passport, currency, etc. isn't sopping wet when you access it. Adjustable strap on the neck wallet (or just tie a knot near the wallet). I prefer it under one arm, over my neck and shoulder, and like to adjust the strap so it sits next to my rib cage. It's more comfortable to have any extra strap down by the wallet, under your arm, rather than hanging out of your collar. I have a pile of different options with the exception of the wallet that attaches to your belt and hangs inside. My only problem with that is I don't always wear a belt. When I'm going very casual, I'll wear either a pair of walk/swim shorts or a pair of warm ups without a belt. I've tried the calf money belt, but didn't like the one I had. The straps were elastic so the wallet kept slipping down to my ankle and was exposed whenever I sat down. But also weren't big enough to put above my knee for wear with shorts. Leather or fabric straps that stay the same size, and a good adjustment range, would fix the problem. Last techniques, only access your wallet in private (hotel room, bathroom stall, etc.) and always take an extra good look around to be sure nothing fell out accidentally before you leave the area - this is your important stuff.

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I do what Brad does with the neck wallet - shortening the strap and wearing it over one shoulder just a little below below my armpit. I'm short, so it has to be there to not hang below my shirt. I also safety pin the strap to my bra strap. I assume that's not an option for you Jason! :-) its so unobtrusive I forget I'm wearing it. My husband does wear a belt and likes the kind that has loops that attach to the belt and hangs inside his pants. You could also safety pin the loops to the inside waistband of the pants if you don't wear a belt. I think PacSafe is overkill in most of their products.

Posted by Laurie Beth
Was MN, now TX
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Another tip for dealing with the sweat issue: take one of the smaller sections of paper towels and put that between the plastic holder with the money and the inside part of the money belt which is against your body. It really soaks up the perspiration. You put in a fresh one each morning. If you don't use the paper towels that tear into smaller sections, just pre-cut some before you leave. This really worked when I was in Cuba recently.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I use the "hidden pocket" that attaches to your belt and hangs inside your pants. I like it because it's easy to access without disrobing, but almost invisible. I use the Eagle Creek one. A tip: whatever kind of moneybelt you get, wash it before first use. They are often scratchy and stiff, and one washing makes them much softer and more comfortable against your skin.

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Jason, I used the RS Money Belt on all of my trips and it worked great. I was large enough for my cash, passport, credit & ATM cards, but at the same time it was comfortable enough to wear through the day. I won't not travel without it!

Posted by Larry
Pearland, Texas, USA
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I've used most of the different types and have settled on the hidden pocket. I think it depends on your personal build as to which is most comfortable.

Posted by Mary
Reno, NV, USA
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My husband likes the money pocket. It's so much more comfortable than the money belt. In addition as an extra safegaurd, he safety pins the inside loop of the money pocket to the inside of his waistband as the loop is visible from the outside and could possibly be slashed. Not likely that will happen but . . .

Posted by Stacy
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I like the kind that goes around your waist. After the first day I forget it's there. (If I wear it under a dress, I safety-pin it to my undies for extra security!) I DO prefer the ones made of silk. Silk is lighter weight, cooler, more breathable, quick to wash and dry, and softer. Much less noticeable even than the one Rick sends with his tour goodies. I bought one 13 years ago and it has held up great. Have fun!

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Jason, the best one is the one you'll wear. You really need to buy a few (waist, belt 'hidden pocket-type', neck), put what you'll be carrying in them, and wear them around (one at a time, of course). Wear them to work, out to eat, and lounging around the house. I often wear one and bring a second style with me. I also rotate, favoring one over the others from trip to trip. FWIW, Eagle Creek products (of all kinds) are very good, PacSafe products can be overkill in my humble opinion, and I own moneybelts from RS, Lewis n Clark, and who knows who else! Of course, any of them can have defects - check the stitching, zippers, etc. Give yourself a few hours to grow accustomed to wearing'll probably feel weird for awhile :-( They can all be pinned to your waistband/pocket lining to whatever orientation (N-S or E-W) you'd like depending on the day's activities - walking, riding a train all day (sitting), etc. Many people (typically women) like to wear waist-style belts with the pouch in the small of their backs, but I just couldn't do that - it's gotta be in front where I can literally keep an eye (and/or hand) on it. Only put what's necessary in it to prevent too much bulk - passport, 2-3 credit/ATM cards, some big bills, drivers license, and possibly info on i-tickets (train/airline tkts purchased online). You really shouldn't be aware of your moneybelt after wearing it a bit.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Jason, I have a couple of money belts I'll send you also. I have tried all styles and settled on the Eagle Creek hidden wallet. I wear it right under my right front pants pocket. That was a great tip to 'wash it before you use it".

Posted by kat
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I found the waist worn money belt constantly annoying.
I do what Andrea does. I wear a neck type money belt which tucks into my pants on the side. I never even thought about it until I needed to access it.