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Best travelling bags

Hi all, I will be travelling in Italy for11 days and need comfortable bags. Aside from Rick Steve's bags, do you guys have any suggestions for other bags I could chose from for travel? I am looking for a comfortable rolling bag and a day pack.


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I'm fond of the Eagle Creek bags. The one I have is the Eagle Creek 25" convertible backpack that has wheels (they also made a 22" one). It has a zip off day pack, has comfortable backpack straps (that tuck away into a zipped up compartment) and the usual rolling luggage handle. It's got enough room to pack my clothes and the day pack is nice to zip off when you need it, or attach when you just need to wheel all your stuff around town. It's actually on sale right now at REI (and during their labor day sale. Is a bit pricey though, a couple hundred I think.

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Check out HIGH SIERRA brand on
Look under "backpacks" then choose "travel"

You will see their best sellers...look for those with wheels and detachable daypacks. High Sierra makes on that sells really well for ebags...and you can read feedback from people that have actually used the bags for travel.

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I took a high sierra 21" back with wheels and back pack straps. It was a close out and i only pain $50. The newer ones are more expensive, but not nearly as expensives as those from REI. This bag worked really well and I was happy with the quality.

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for a day pack its hard to beat Ricks Civita bag. Its nothing but a backpack like the kids wear, but made of very lightweight (yet strong) material. Had plenty of pockets to organize your stuff, mesh pocket for a water bottle, etc. And if you need a pillow on the train just stuff a jacket into it.

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As long as you do not pack like Imelda or some princess, I bet you can get away w/1 large framed carry on w/wheels. For your daypack (Is that a fannypack or a backpack meant for a day?), go to a decent camping store. They should have qood quality ones to try on. If you find they are expensive, remember the model and maker, and buy from the internet. Have a large flimsy tote bag(stored in the framed carry on) to also use as a carry on bag for your exquisite souvenirs on the way home. When you have to check in the framed carry on w/wheels, you won't have to worry about those rough baggage handlers destroying anything of value, theoretically. Another idea--why don't you buy a beautiful large Italian leather handbag when you're over there. Use it as part of your luggage going home. Have a great trip!

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My husband uses an old carry-on from Eagle Creek with wheels and optional backpack straps (which we never use) and I have a newer Delsey that I use a lot for business travel. They are both great, well made, lightweight bags. Regardless of what you buy, look for: weight & durability (even if you intend to "carry-on" all the way, it's not uncommon for an airline to make you check bags if the plane is full so light and flimsy is a bad combo), good inline skate type wheels (work quite well on cobblestones etc.), pull the handle out all the way and roll around the store (wobbly handle = bad), zip it open and look at the inside (a well-designed bag can hold more stuff than a poorly designed bag w/same dimensions). We both prefer messenger bags to backpacks for day bags. They are comfortable and look less touristy. LLBean makes a good one with a padded strap.

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We had 2 LLBean Stowaway daypacks. Best purchase we've made in years. They fold into themselves if you want to pack them and weigh next to nothing. Have padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, which is really nice if you're carrying it all day. Highly recommended.

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Try They have a huge variety of bags and accessories and a place where people can leave reviews - some of the bags have thousands of comments. You can also get 15% off your order if you're a AAA member. If you are, go through the AAA website's travelstore.