Best half day tour of GIverny

My husband and I would like to take a half day tour out of paris and are unsure who to book with . Everything I see on line seems to slam the major tour operators. A private tour with OuiParis is too pricey. Can someone recommend a good tour company? thank you

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I can't recommend a company, but was wondering if you have considered going on your own? It is quite easy to take the train from Paris to Vernon. The bus to Giverny is right outside of the Vernon train station.

Posted by Lo
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I'm with Andrea on this. Giverny is very small and I'm not sure what a tour would do for you other than get you there and back and put limits on how long you stay. We drove and spent the night, but train and bus/taxi will work fine. My advice is to try to go early, before those big bus tours arrive and be at the gardens before they open if at all possible. Be prepared for crowds. But it will be worth every minute you are there, no matter how crowded. The gardens, and especially the ponds, are beautiful. Also be advised that there is considerable walking to do and it's not all flat. There are some stairs. Here's a link to a good website on this topic: Giverny Monet's Garden. I think you can find the answers to most of your questions there. Be sure explore the whole website and whatever you do, take a camera and visit the shop.

Posted by Susan
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You can do this on your own very easily. Take train from Gare St Lazzare to Vernon & bus there will take you to the gardens and Monet home. Go early to avoid the crowds. We spent maybe three hours or less there and had lunch at Botanic Cafe. Took bus back to Vernon-a short wait for the bus- or you can taxi.

Posted by Claudette
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I agree with the others. It's very easy to do on your own and much, much cheaper. Rick gives easy to follow directions in his book. My advice is to buy and print your tickets in advance. Just walk to the front of the ticket buying line when you get there and show them your tickets, they will let you right in. You have the option of taking the shuttle bus or a taxi when you get to the train station. Good luck!

Posted by Leslie
san juan cap, CA, usa
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Thank you to everyone for you advise. We are going to take the train and do it ourselves.