Barge in France Recs

I am interested in taking a barge trip in France (think: wine!). Can you recommend a good barge company/region, etc.?

Posted by Tom
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For what it might be worth, the current (September) issue of France magazine has a story of a family with 3 kids that barged the Canal de Garonne. They rented from Minervois Cruisers, which also rents on the better-known Canal du Midi.

Posted by Ed
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Are you interested in a crewed boat or a self-drive?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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Kat, if you do a barge trip before I do I am not going to be happy! You know that is on my bucket list!! ;-)

Posted by kat
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I would need a crew or we'd end up in New Zealand! @Andrea: Problem solved! We'll have to do it together. (as long as you leave my limoncello bottle alone!)

Posted by Bonnie
Acworth, Georgia, USA
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We can't give you a review yet, but we have booked a week-long barge cruise in September on Barge Stern leaving from Nevers, France. This is a boat with accommodations for two in addition to the owners/crew. It is expensive but we feel(hope!) that it will be worth it. It is a "bucket list" item for us as well. We will post a review when we return.

Posted by Karen
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Kat-we used (and will use again next year) Ellen Sack "The Barge Lady" to book us on an incredible wine excursion in Burgundy aboard Prosperite. Check out her website ( or give her a call. Our boat was a whole boat booking but it looks like she has others available for individuals. Since you didn't list a budget I will tell you ours was an especially expensive trip and not the way we usually travel. We were fortunate enough to have been taken on this trip by a generous friend but we enjoyed it so much that we are putting together a group of our own to do it again. It was one of the most fabulous trips we've ever had.

Posted by Andrea
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You might be on to something kat. I don't know what your time table is, but we are shooting for fall of next year to utilize air miles. We have discussed doing this with Susan & Monte, and Eileen has also shown an interest. From what I hear, Sid would require his own boat due to extremely loud snoring. And no worries, you can keep your limoncello. When barging through wine country I will stick with that! Let's discuss on the 17th!!

Posted by Darcy
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
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kat and Andrea, you do realize that almost the entire Helpline will want to go with you? I wish I could go but I already have our trips planned through 2015, zut!

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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Darcy, too bad you're all booked up. It would be fun. Seriously, I would hesitate to embark on a trip like that in close quarters with people I don't personally know. It's a good thing kat and I are friends! For areas, I'm partial to Burgundy. I did a short trip on the Canal du Midi from Carcassonne and don't feel the need to return to that area since there are other places I would like to explore.

Posted by Ellen
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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I've cruised with France Cruises and had an amazing time.