Barcelona to Lourdes

My family will be going to Barcelona in Sept. and will be going to Lourdes, France. We're thinking of traveling by train from Barcelona to Lourdes. Is there train service between these cities? How many hours will it take? Is there another way to get to Lourdes other than by train?

Posted by Sherry
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Check the Deutsche Bahn website to see what train options there are. I'd guess it might be a little challenging, since the Pyrannes are in the way. Don't know how long it would take; Paris to Lourdes by train was the better part of a day, when I last did it. There's an airport (Lourdes/Tarbes). Minimally I know Air France and RyanAir fly there, and I think there was another airlines or two. Check SkyScanner to see if anyone flies direct Barcelona/Lourdes. Otherwise, you could go via London on Ryan or Paris on Air France (and FYI, it was cheaper to buy a RT Air France ticket and not use the return than to buy one way Lourdes to Paris).

Posted by NPA
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In 2010 I went the other way by train- from Lourdes to Barcelona. I took the train from Lourdes to Toulouse, then to LaTour de Carol (border bet. France and Spain) then to Barcelona. I started in the morning and got to Barcelona in the afternoon. These were all regional trains but enjoyed the trip. And the real winner was the train fare from La Tour to Barcelona was about 8 euros for the 3 hours ride!

Posted by Larry
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The Spanish budget airline flies non-stop from Barcelona to Lourdes on Tuesdays and Fridays. 1hr05min. Fare as low as 39Euro. According to, the train ride will take 9.5hrs and require 3-5 train changes depending on the run.

Posted by Roger
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If you're returning to Barcelona afterwards, why not hire a car and drive through the Pyrenees. The train journey is no sweat at all - you would enjoy it. The journey would be about 9-10 hours via Narbonne and Toulouse. is another (French) reservation system that might help.