Backpacking Europe Itinerary

Hello! I was hoping for some feedback on the itinerary I have planned. I should note that I will be doing this solo, and plan to fly, because I find flights to be cheaper than the train. I am currently living in the south of France and will begin my travels in Barcelona, then to Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and ending with Dublin. I was thinking of spending 3 nights in each city. Is that enough time for each? Any other additional tips would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Payton, The time frame of your trip appears to be about 24 days. Do you have flexibility to add time if required? Three days in each location is good, but that depends to some extent on what you want to see and do in each place. Generally speaking, Rome and London deserve more time as there's so MUCH there. Also, when planning your time, remember that you'll have to allow for travel times, so you won't actually have three days in each location. You may only have two days or a bit more. Each time you change location, it will require at least half a day, and sometimes more. Regarding each of your trips: > France to Barcelona - I haven't checked, but a flight is probably the best option > Barcelona to Rome - a flight is best > Rome to Venice - using fast trains will be quicker than a flight, and may be cheaper if you can pre-book and get discounted fares. In addition to Trenitalia, have a look at the new Italo trains (in some cases, Italo uses different stations) > Venice to Munich - train is probably a better option, when all is considered > Munich to Berlin - I haven't checked, but a flight may be the best option > Berlin to Amsterdam - I'd suggest using train on that route. It's an easy trip, about 5 hours or so and will be much easier than a flight > Amsterdam to London - have a look to see if Easyjet offers flights on that route (likely to Luton) > London to Dublin - unfortunately your best bet will probably be RyanAir (my condolences). Be VERY CAREFUL with luggage weights or you'll get nicked with expensive extra charges. You could also check Aer Lingus Are you returning to Regina after Dublin? I was in Regina a few years ago attending a function at Depot Division. Beautiful city! Happy travels!

Posted by Payton
Regina, Sask, Canada
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Thanks Ken! Yes I will be returning to Regina after Dublin.
YDo you suggest that I maybe cut out one city so I can stay longer in others? My time constraint is based in my budget, so isn't really flexible unfortunately.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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When is your trip? Train tickets can be very economical to downright cheap with enough advance notice. To fill in Ken's wonderful post, non-stop Munich > Berlin is 6 hours and around €49,00.

Posted by Payton
Regina, Sask, Canada
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This trip will be in mid June. Will I need to book all possible, flights, trains or anything else in advance? Or it is possible to do it on the fly?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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You can do it on the fly, but you will spend a lot more money. If flexibility is more important than budget, go for it. Otherwise you should be booking your train travel 90 days ahead for the cheapest seats. I've never flown within Europe, so I don't know about that. You don't NEED to book hotels ahead, but in June you may find that the most desired or economical places will be unavailable if you wait until you get there. If that's not a concern, then no problems,