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Audiobook player--help!!

I am a technophobe, trying to figure out what audiobook player to get for a trip. Would need to be able to bookmark a novel, go to other files such as an MP3 tour, and then go back to the place I bookmarked. I don't understand these devices at all. Any suggestion about what device to get or what features/formats to look for?

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If I am reading you right...iPod has that capability.
What you want is to listen to 1 program. Pause it. Llisten to something else, and return to the other program, picking up where you left off??

If that's the case, iPod nano or better has it. Shuffle will not do this.

If you're in San Jose (I'm guessing SJ means that) go to an Apple store and they'll demonstrate how to use the iPod. Its very easy to use and the staff there is very patient.

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I have recently become a huge fan of the iPod touch. Not only is it a great MP3 player, with a wi-fi connection you can surf the fairly well. Not to mention it makes a great journal once you get used to touchscreen typing.

If you just plan on using it for audiobooks it's probably an overkill and I would go with just a standard, basic iPod.


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Definately an iPod Nano or better. Besides audio books and music, also movies, podcasts, videos, etc. There are a lot of "free" things available from iTunes including Rick Steves videos and podcasts. There are a couple of "techno" things to know about iTunes software that will come in handy when dealing with audio books. You're welcome to email me privately if you want additional help.


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On this topic: I have heard of an electronic "book", that you can download novels, etc., and instead of having them read to you, you can actually read them yourself. I-Tunes does not have this option. Does anyone know of such a device, and would it be worth having? I thought that would be better than lugging my books along (I will be traveling to Europe for 2 weeks with carry-on only), and I prefer reading than being read to.

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Mindy, you may be thinking of the "Kindle", available on I don't know anything about it, but it sure looks interesting. There are almost 3500 customer reviews; people seem to like it. Maybe someone on this board has one?

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DW: funny, I went to, and the very thing they had on the opening page was the Kindle. Looks a bit big for carry-on only, but I will investigate! Thanks!