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ATMs - Euro/$$ Conversions

When you are withdrawing Euros from your account (I assume it asks you how many EUROS (not $$) you want to withdraw), I'm curious as to how people handle getting out the MAX amount from your checking account. Do you just compute in your head what $500 is in Euros, as an example, or keep trying until it yells at you?! :P

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The ATMs in Europe are made for over there; they don't care how many dollars they are getting. Do ATMs over here let you select the amount in Euro?

I just figure in my head what it should be. You could start high and drop down, but you would get your card back after each failure and have to enter all over again. And, I think you only get so many chances before it locks you out.

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Yes, you do need to compute the $$ in euros. Best
done with a little calculator. I have one about
2in by 3in. Today it would be about 690E.
Keep in mind that even though your bank may allow
$500 a day the local bank may only allow $200 or
$300 day.
Some of the us banks charge hefty fees for atms
overseas. We have never been charged at the local
level in any country.

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Juli, sign me up for THAt exchange rate! ( You have it reversed )

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So much for the little calculator, huh?

Seriously, though, allows you to print out a $/EUR "cheat sheet". Course it's only good for the exchange rate on the day you print it. Another option might be to make your own chart by dividing $500 by a few even Euro amounts (e.g., 400, 390, 380,...300) to get $/EUR. Then as long as the actual exchange rate is below the one on your chart, you can take out that amount of Euro.

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Yes, I knew it would be in Euros, which was the point of my question...No real need to get snappy!

I'll probably just compute an amount in my head based on the exchange rates before I leave, then see if we can get that much out. If not, we'll drop it down accordingly.

Thx for the responses.

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Okay you guys. I will accept 30 lashes with a
wet noodle. I was just coming back to tell her
I had given her the wrong info.

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Live rates at 2007.07.19 21:56:33 UTC

500.00 EUR = 689.893 USD
Euro United States Dollars

1 EUR = 1.37979 USD 1 USD = 0.724750 EUR