ATMs at Charles de Gaulle-New Machines?

I know this topic has been discussed many, many times, but I have a friend who swears his US debit card doesn't work in ATM machines at Charles de Gaulle Airport. He says they switched to new machines in June that accept only chip-and-PIN cards. I find this hard to believe, since there different banks serving CDG, each with its own ATM machine. When I was there in May I didn't have a problem. But he insists that it's true. So, can any recent traveler to Paris (post-June 2013) confirm that he/she used a US debit card (without a chip) to get cash from an airport ATM. Thanks.

Posted by Bob
Gettysburg, PA
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I was in Chuckie D on July 19th & had no such problem.

Posted by john
westlake village, ca, usa
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I was in Paris/Loire Valley for 10 days last year and my Chase debit card, which works here, did NOT work there at all. There's manned small offices for ATM all over but my card would not function and NO bank would give me any money. I've called both Chase and Wells Fargo requesting a chipNpin card here and they continue to argue w/ me that their card will work there. There seems no way to resolve this. I think it did work w/ a human at the airport but the exchange rate there was not good. Please let me know what you can find out.
Thanks, JW

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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John, did you use a 4 numbers PIN for your card? That might have been the problem. Maybe your card was defective? Did you bring a back up card with you and did that one work? I've never heard of the problem you had from anyone else. Meaning, nothing wrong with the card, doing everything right, and the card just did not work.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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T., I was through CDG about a month ago, but didn't have any reason to use an ATM. The automated ticket Kiosks for trains at CDG will ONLY accept "Chip & PIN" cards, so it's quite possible that at least some of the ATM machines are also going that route. I'll be interested to hear a definitive answer to this question.

Posted by T.
Seattle, WA, US
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Ken, I am surprised too, because I used an ATM there in May with no problems. I'm hoping someone else on the Helpline will chime in with their experiences. If all the ATMs at CDG started rejecting US cards, you'd think we would hear more complaints about it.

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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Exactly T. We'd hear about it. Doesn't make sense they would make it difficult for tourists to get cash to spend...