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Anyone want to sell their used guidebooks?

Ok we're going to go to the library or B&N to decide which style of book we want. But, if someone has already used a guide book to plan a trip, do you want to get them off your hands? Right now we're just still looking for ideas (planning a trip for Sept-Oct '08 timeframe)

We plan to buy guidebooks in the Spring for up to date info, but for now we need something to get ideas...

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Jen, the main branch of the Somerville library has--or had, a few years back--a surprisingly large travel section.

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Make sure that your guidebook is up-to-date! That is, don't use one that is not in the year you are travelling! An outdated guidebook can ruin your trip because you count on it so much and it can have old information that is no longer correct. Museums, sights, etc. can and do change their hours and fees. It is well worth the money to buy a good guidebook that is current! (I am partial to Rick Steves' of course, but there are other fine books as well) Have a great trip!

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You can buy used travel books online from Powells ( Economy shipping is free for orders over $50. For example, you can search for titles, locations, and narrow the search results by new, used, or sale books. A quick search for "Rick Steves" resulted in 284 matches.

Personally, I have checked out just about every guidebook from the library, photocopied or noted the interesting things not covered by Rick's books, then purchased the latest version of his guide for whatever trip I'm taking. $25 is worth every penny when it's current, accurate, and sage advice.

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Post a listing on your local craigslist asking if anyone local wants to sell their guide books after their trip. (or search smaller towns surrounding Boston)

Craigslist is free...and you might even find someone willing to part with their used books for free.

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Don't buy anything now - I spent the last year with rotating stacks of books from the library on my desk. It was great to have them all (for free) to find things like common restaurant recommendations.

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I'm going in the same timeframe and looking at books as well, just to get ideas. Try It's an ebay site, but much easier to shop for used books.

Happy planning!