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Anyone travel with a Kindle

I am thinking of getting one for travel. (I travel a lot on business also) I see that some of Rick's guides along with some others are now avaialble.

Anyone tried it yet? Pros/cons?


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For those with iPhone or iPod touch, there is a Kindle application that can be downloaded for free, and then you purchase the books as you normally would.

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I just got back from having coffee with a neighbor who asked the same quesiton.

I have one and love it. It makes travel so much lighter. I keep lots of books on it, have downloaded PDF files with no problem, it has a basic web browser, and you can even get magazines and newspapers.

Books range in price from free to $9.99 with very few more than that.

Another great feature is you can sample any book available on Kindle for free. If you like it you can buy it. If not, try another book.

That said, the wireless portion only works in the U.S.

Yes, you can download the program to the iphone and itouch...but those screens are so small.

Some of Rick's city books are already availble for Kindle and the publisher has announced a few more will be made available later in the year.

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I have the Kindle App. on my iTouch. I enjoy it very much. With one of Rick's guidebooks (Florence/Tuscany 2009), as well as two of my favorite author's books (David Baldaci) purchased, it will make packing just that much lighter.

Also, in deference to Frank II, the font size on the iTouch screen is very readable. My eyesight is 20/40 with corrected lenses. IN addition, I can make the print size bigger on my iTouch screen if I so choose.

That being said, I have not tried or even seen the Kindle device. It sounds like a great idea though, especially for someone who travels a lot!

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I don't have one but have a friend who loves his Kindle. He travels with is all over the world. Not all books cost $9.99. Some are as little as a $1.00. He subscribes to several national newspapers via Kindle and he loves it. He won't leave home without it.

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Carol...I forgot to mention that many Kindle owners around the country are willing to show off their Kindle if you wanted to "try one" before buying:

Try A Kindle in Georgia

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I have a Kindle and I LOVE it. I love having so many books on one device. That said, I also use the Kindle Reader on my iPhone and usually use it instead because the Kindle doesn't have a backlight.

However, I find it easier to read on the Kindle than the iPhone -- it feels more like reading a real book to me. I suppose I could get a clip-on light, but the lack of backlighting really annoys me. I hope that will be available on the next version.

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I haven't tried one but I would rather for the same price get a netbook. Lot more applications than a limited device like the Kindle. I am assuming of couse you can get the books to read for a windows device.

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Thanks everyone

I would not consider it for my annual Europe trip. But I do travel a LOT on business. (Currently posting this from a Delta flight to DFW!)

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I've had my Kindle 2 for around a month or so, and I use it every day. I think it would be great for travel, since I find it easier to tote and read my Kindle while eating/drinking/smoking a stogie in a local cigar bar.

But a netbook or iTouch/iPhone might be best for overseas trips due to their versatility (and in the iDevice's case, portability). Of course, as with any electronic gadget, you'd have to buy a good cover and case for the Kindle to protect it.

The iTouch/iPhone Kindle app will allow you to synch your Kindle purchases at no extra cost, so that you can read them on each device - and still keep your place despite switching back and forth. So ultimately, it might be best to leave the Kindle at home and take the iTouch/iPhone on vacation.

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Love my Kindle. You can see a book at airport bookstore of interest and have it loaded in your Kindle for $9.99 by the time you board! You can load travel books as well, so you don't lug them around!

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Thanks for the feedback!

The Iphone is out because my company pays for the cell and it's not an Iphone!

Might think about the I-touch, but the size for reading seems "small"

I agree it sounds like a backlight might be nice, but of course as thin as it is that might just add more weight etc.

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A backlight would also use a lot of battery power lessening time between charges.