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Anyone heard of Pension Fiorini Hotel in Rome, Italy ?


I was forwarded to this hotel in Rome by another Hotel owner in Rome. The person says (over phone) this hotel is a new hotel on Via : Castro Pretorio 28 and does not have a website. I cant find this hotel in Google maps though I can see there is a building in this address Via : Castro Pretorio 28.

Has anyone heard about this hotel ? I am concerned to reserve this hotel since I cant find website nor phone number.

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Hi Liz,

We have searching to find a hotel in Rome in our budget range for quite sometime and unable to do so for the dates we are traveling. This hotel is offering around 60 euros a night and we want to stay for 4 days in a double room. This one seems to be the cheapest available for our days.

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I found a hotel by that name at
They don't give the hotel phone number but the address is Principe Amadeo 62-64, 00185 Rome
There are photos at that site, it looks OK.

Hope that helps.

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For what it's worth: the two addresses are about 400 yards apart on a straight line than runs through Termini station.

How did Guy 1 tell you to contact Guy 2 ?

Seems odd.

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I tried to book in Guy's 1 hotel but there was no availability hence he recommended Hotel #2. I just cant find the website nor phone number for Hotel #2 so not sure if should book or not

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I'm surprised the "Guy 1" didn't give you a phone number. We had the same thing happen in Orvieto (B&B owner referred us to a friend of hers) and she provided all the contact info. It worked out perfectly well.

However, given the number of hotels in Rome and the fact that you have some concerns about this one, have you considered just finding another place on your own?