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Anyone Going to the European Fest in Edmonds.....

this weekend? we are flying in from Colorado on Friday and are so excited!
We attempted a 21 day tour last fall and had to go home before it started because of a death in our family. We are rescheduled for May and this weekend
with be so fun. Any advice on restaurants and activities in the area?

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Hi, Brenda. Where are you staying? Big construction traffic on I-5 this weekend, so pays to check conditions at KOMO AM1000 also does traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's.

Edmonds is a great little Seaside town. LOTS of antique shopping if you like that, and it's just a beautiful setting - amazing view. A walk along the tracks or beach is worth it. It's also where the ferry departs for Kingston, if you want to go explore the other side of the sound, or just take a nice ferry ride.

It's been 10 years since I lived there, so I'm not sure about restaurants any more... but up over the hill in Lynnwood is just about every chain restaurant known to man kind if you like that kind of thing, and Alderwood Mall. (Lynnwood actually held the World Record for most restaurants per capita for a while.. LOL)

There are lots of other great things to do, depending on how far you want to go. Feel free to private msg me.

PS - weather right now is rainy, but Saturday is forecasted to clear up some. Here's a local weather link:

Hope that all helps, and you enjoy your trip! I'll be there for the afternoon classes!


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Hi Brenda,
Try Anthony's on the Edmonds waterfront - they have great seafood. The Beach Cafe at the same location is also good - same food just a little cheaper.

We went to the Festival last fall and it was a blast. In fact, we leave tomorrow on our 10 Rome, Venice, and Florence tour that we booked during the festival.

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I'm sure you'll have a great time at the Travel Festival. I attended the Tour Alum reunion on January 17th, and it was somewhat along the same line as the Travel Festivals. I've attended Festivals in the past and would have liked to go again this year, but unfortunately I'm working that weekend.

I'd suggest getting to the area early, about 08:00 if possible. There's a nice Coffee / Pastry shop across from the Edmonds Theatre (just around the corner from ETBD), so you could stop there for a few minutes. I always enjoy visiting with other RS fans, and you can be sure that just about anyone you talk to will be there for the Festival.

Most items in the ETBD shop will be discounted that day, so I usually have a quick look in the morning to get some idea on what I might be interested in. There's usually a LONG queue all day, so there's usually no alternative except to wait in line and miss part of one of the Seminars. I've found in the past that late in the day (just before closing) there isn't as much of a line. Rick's staff will all be "on deck" to answer any questions.

Where are you staying? The Edmonds Harbor Inn is wonderful, and within reasonably easy walking distance to ETBD. I enjoyed dining at Girardi's Italian (on 5th Avenue) and there's also a good Mexican restaurant in the same parking lot as the Harbor Inn.

If you're driving to Edmonds, one note on the traffic issues that Chris mentioned. Rather than take I-5 you might consider branching onto Aurora (Hwy. 99?) as soon as possible after leaving Sea-Tac. It may be a bit less busy, although with I-5 disrupted I'm sure many of the locals will be using that as well. Hopefully someone that lives in that area can provide further details.

You'll probably find (as I do) that it's a VERY tiring day, but also very enjoyable.

Hope you have a great time!

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thank you all for the great info. we are staying in mukilteo. looks like it's maybe 20-30 minutes to get to edmonds. good info on the travel store too.
i am getting so excited and i can't wait to meet and talk with all the 'rick people'! it's people like you all that make these trips exceptional!
have fun karen!

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A couple of years ago, there was a a great little bakery in the Edmonds downtown area, across from the theater if I remember correctly. There is also a great travel/bookstore store around the corner on Main Street. Anthony's is great. Edmonds is a perfect little town! Enjoy!

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Since you are in Mukilteo Italian Restaurant- I was just at Amici Bistro,8004 Mukilteo Speedway,Mukilteo 425-438-9544 friday for lunch. It isn't cheap but it's Spaghetti Carbonara with pancetta made with eggs and cheese was the best I have had since I lived in Italy. Another restaurant is Tin Fish also on Main street. If you park in lot in front walk around to 3RD Rose Hill Chocolate Company 700 3rd Street Mukilteo. Also Diamond knot brewery mukilteo near lighhouse,this place is not fancy but it is different they bring meat on heated stone 750 degrees and you cook it to order. peanuts on floor. Brew their own beer.

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Not going to the travel fest, but I am going to track down that Carbonara next time I am in Mukilteo!

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so many good ideas! gotta get the carbonara! it's a favorite of mine.